Murphy is Always Watching.

About a month ago, my brother gave me his old 36″ Sony Trinitron TV. It’s a very nice TV, good HD picture, and so on. It was one of those things where I didn’t necessarily need it, but it was just too nice to pass up. We took the (ridiculously heavy) television and it’s stand. It came into the house, and sat in the kitchen for a while until we made some room for it.

The TV in the living room, a 36″ flat panel went into my mother in law’s, and her 32″ CRT (big ol’ tube TV) came out to the kitchen where it say awaiting it’s final destination. The plan was that it would go into our room, and ours would make it’s way to the trash heap, as it buzzes when it’s on. I think it’s circling the drain.

For those of you wondering why things end up in the kitchen, our kitchen is huge and central. To get things from one room to any other on the first floor, one must go through the kitchen. When whatever it is that you’re moving has got no where else to go, it’s the least inconvenient place for it to stay for a short while.

Moving the flat panel into my mother in law’s room wasn’t a big deal. The problem was that the entertainment center we had to accommodate the TV was a very tall, solid oak corner unit. Very heavy, and very cumbersome. It took me three hours, and some craftsmanship to get it into her room. Of course, I could have asked for help and might have gotten it done in 2, but I’d rather not inconvenience someone if I didn’t have to.

Long story short, getting the flat panel set up, and then this monstrosity of a TV set up took the better part of a weekend, and left some seriously strained muscles in their wake.

So, on to why I speak of Mr. Murphy and his law… This morning, the Trinitron died. I get sound, but no picture. Some Internet detective work suggests that four or five years ago, given the model number and the flashing “standby” light on the front means a problem that would cost around $450 at the time to repair. Given the age of the thing, I’m thinking I might be able to call local repair guys and either it’ll be so old that the parts are really cheap, OR it’ll be so old that it’s obscure, and not worth fixing.
My fear is that it’s going to be the latter of the two, which means first, I have to enlist someones help to wrestle this thing out of the house, and then figure out wtf to do with it… and second, I’ll have to take the 32″ that’s sitting in the kitchen and set it up out here. Which means I need a new entertainment center… but if I’m going to spend on that, I might as well save and get a flat panel that I can just mount to the wall…  I certainly can’t see dumping more than $100 into it when I could probably find a reasonable replacement for just a bit more, that will be flat panel and come with a warranty.
Not like I have the money to buy ANYTHING right now… but c’mon. The damn thing waits until I get everything rearranged to sputter out. Any possible solution right now is either a pain in the ass and expensive, OR a pain in the ass and a disappointment. 
I swear, if I ever find this “Murphy” character, I’m going to punch him in the throat. 

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