200th Blog Entry, and a New Award!

Two hundred entries. Who’d have thought I had so much to say? Or that anyone would find any of it worth reading.

So, recently I was gifted an award by Margo Kelly!

I’m supposed to pick five folks to whom I shall gift this award… I never know who to inflict these awards upon, so I’m going to do this a little differently and hope that my new award is not striped from me for it…

Instead of choosing bloggers to get this wonderful award, I’d like to ask a question, and then have anyone who comments get the award and pass it on as well… If you’d like to comment, you have to take the award. If you’d like the award, you have to comment! Please link back to this post

The question: Why did you start blogging?

*I* started blogging originally to see what kind of mark (or scar, depending on how you look at it) I could leave on the Internet. It’s now become more accurately, a place where I can dump some thoughts, interact with great people, and perhaps have some thoughts available for future friends and family members to get to know me when I’m gone.



6 thoughts on “200th Blog Entry, and a New Award!

  1. I started blogging to have a place for my poems and family memories. It has developed into a place for not only its original purpose but also a forum for my ideas and opinions. I have met some wonderful people and received so much encouragement from them. There have been challenges which I have accepted and which have aided in my growth as a blogger. I can’t imagine not doing this now. It is an important part of my life.

  2. I originally started blogging because it’s cheaper than therapy. I still have that journal, though I’ve been spending my efforts on gaming in an attempt to get back into the flow of a hobby I enjoy. Between my blog and Twitter (which is great for one-shot witticisms) I’m finding an audience of peers and forging symbiotic relationships.Rock on, and keep the artwork classy. *grin*

  3. i had a new DSLR only months old and i was finding i was too busy to take pictures with it. i started a blog so i’d have to commit to posting a picture a day (give or take a few!). that led to writing about what i see or feel. blogging is still one of the most enjoyable, relaxing parts of my day. i still love it. matt, i referenced you and your award, which i am shamelessly snagging, here. congratulations on your 200th post!!

  4. Excellent comments! MBJ – The blogger community is great, I’ve met some great people, and probably never would have stuck with it had I never met them! TWW – Amen! And I will keep the artwork just as it is… anything else would be more difficult, and I don’t need that. :DChris – You were one of the first blogs I followed when I got my start, and contributed a lot to the fact that I’m still doing it! 😀

  5. In all honesty, I started blogging because I wanted to see if that would help my Etsy shop business flow. I was much more guarded two years ago. I didn’t wish to really share myself, but then time went on and I slipped something personal in a post here and there. The feeling of relief washed over me. I started to think about how it didn’t matter if it helped my shop. It didn’t matter how many followers I had. All that mattered was that 30 minute feeling of relief after hitting publish…the kind that I used to have after writing in my journal, talking with a friend, guild chat, etc. It was that feeling that I contributed something somewhere. Granted no one may read it but I put myself out there. I admit to what I post. I feel better. Hopefully one day when someone is feeling like I did runs a google search, they’ll find that blog. They’ll read it and not feel alone. Feel like someone else out there has been there before.

    • Hey Nikki! That’s one of the most important things I’ve learned about blogging. When you blog, it’s about the blogger… Not the reader. I always tried (in the beginning) to blog things I thought people would want to read. Once I stopped and blogged what I wanted to write, I think the quality went up, and readers can see that. It also becomes less of a chore.

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