Hiding Behind Religion

I hesitate to open the religion subject here, as you may already know, I tend to stay away from it, since it’s such a hot button… But this has me pissed off.

Here in the states, there are certain religious folks who are up in arms about the whole universal health care thing going on. Personally, I’m all for it. I frankly think there is no higher form of civilization than universal health care, and I think everyone would agree with that provided it was run right. THAT is the problem though, everyone has a different opinion on what’s “right”.

So these certain religious folks of whom I spake, are furious because now they’re required to pay into a system that helps people get procedures that are against their religion, like abortion.

Well, hey! Tough shit! I’m not spouting venom that I have to pay into a system now that allows you to let your kid die because you refuse treatment for him, trusting that God will do the right thing. I’d rather pay into a system that has THAT person locked up for murder in the first degree. Or has him beaten about the head and ears.

The thing that I find most interesting is reading some of the things these people say online. This one person was pissed off that he was paying into the system that allowed people to use abortion as birth control, because “I am Catholic, and abortion is against my religious beliefs.”

Then as I read down through the comments (this was on a blog post somewhere, by the way… I can’t recall where, or I’d share it.) Someone made a blanket statement about “Catholics believe it’s a sin to [insert something other than abortion that the Catholics shun]” and the guy complaining responded “Well not all Catholics think that way.”

So, let me get this straight… You don’t believe in abortion because your religion told you it’s wrong, yet there are other things your religion tells you that you disagree with and abide.

Can’t have abortions cause you’re so devout a Catholic, and Catholics don’t do that, and people who do that don’t get into heaven… but you support gay marriage? What, was the church just mistaken on that point? Now suddenly you’re not so devout cause it doesn’t serve your purpose? Doesn’t give your argument that holier than thou edge, so you disregard it? Look, either you’re in our you’re out, that’s what it says in that book.

Don’t hide behind religion when you’re expressing your beliefs,because unless you live your life to the letter of whatever law governs your religion, you’re full of shit! Have the courage to just say “because *I* don’t believe in it.” Don’t hide behind your religion when it suits you.

Furthermore, if you’re going to hide behind your religion on points where your beliefs and those of your preachers coincide, and you’re going to wage war on things when your religion backs you up, they why are you not going to fight with your religion on the points where you disagree?

Your government gets an earful when it requires something your religion says is wrong, but when your religion says something you disagree with, you just shrug and say “well, not every one of us believes that.” What kind of BS is that?? I have to list to you bitch about government stomping on your religion and how it offends you, but when your religion stomps on YOUR beliefs, you shrug it off?

Perhaps this is because you live in a country where you have the freedom of speech and the freedom to believe what you want, and your government won’t take that away from you, so you get to shit on them all you like. …but you’re not too sure about the religion. What if you express your beliefs and you get struck by lightning, right?

Have the courage to stand up for what you believe in. If you believe in God, you can believe he gave you free will and a brain to make up your own mind. You don’t have to believe the things that a bunch of people who PROFIT off if your weekly attendance tell you is the word of God. Don’t tell me it’s wrong because your church says that God says so.

So before you start commenting, you should read my thoughts on God so you understand my viewpoint. If you’d rather not, here’s the abridged version:

To be clear, I do not like abortion, but I am pro-choice. I grew up Catholic, but I am agnostic. However, I am secure in my beliefs that IF a God exists, he would be satisfied with me in that I care for and protect my family, I am kind to my fellow men and women, and I try to do the right thing. I don’t think he’ll mind me admitting that I could not know if he exists or not, since nobody really has physical proof. I don’t think we are supposed to know, until such a time that we find out one way or the other.

Whatever I decide is between him and I, not between me and the pope. I’m sure the pope is a nice guy and all, but I do not believe in black and white. Some things require a judgement call, and blanket statements don’t work.

The only thing blanket statements like “No birth control, no abortion” work for is increasing the population, and thus the numbers at Sunday mass, and thus the church’s profit. Want me to put some stock back into organized religion, make em go non-profit, then I’ll consider it. Melt the gold chalices, and crosses and rings, sell the ornate marble used to make alters, melt down the gigantic brass pipes from the organ, and donate the money to some cause that helps people… Of course it couldn’t be something like looking to cure disease, cause that goes against God’s mysterious plan, but baseball parks for kids, or schools, or food for the hungry.


One thought on “Hiding Behind Religion

  1. Couldn’t agree more! The hypocrisy of the religious sect and really all other groups in our society is astounding. I can’t believe I have to share the world with people like this.

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