Guitarists Making Funny Faces

I was going to save this for the A to Z blog fest in April, for the letter G, but I couldn’t wait, this is too funny…

I play a little guitar, and I catch myself doing this some times. It’s just something that some folks cannot help doing… Making funny faces while playing the guitar.

I’ll waste no more of your time, I’ll direct you to some examples right now.

Some good music, but some pretty funny faces, I must say. Mick Fleetwood does this too, although he plays the drums. I don’t like Fleetwood Mac though, so I’ll not be posting any such material. Sorry. 
Hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!

6 thoughts on “Guitarists Making Funny Faces

  1. You know, I guess it’s not really fair for me to say I don’t like them… It’s not that I DISlike them, I just… don’t particularly like them. I guess I’ve just never really been impressed by anything they put out, although I did like “Landslide”. That said, I think the Smashing Pumkins did a better version of it… But yeah. Thanks! 🙂

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