Been a while


How’ve you been?

Long time no see!

How’re the kids? The wife? The family?

You still at the same place?

I’ve been meaning to post, but things get so hectic! You know how it is…

But hey, I gotta run, but it was great seeing you!

Let’s do lunch sometime! I don’t wanna lose touch like that again!

Take care!


5 thoughts on “Been a while

  1. 1 – been good2 – was away for three weeks3 – kids, wife, whole fandamily are copacetic4 – yeah, we came back to the same place5 – I know exactly how it is6 – good to see you, too… come back soon7 – lunch? Who has time for lunchVword = pessetc

  2. Well hello there Matt;A fellow blogger who goes by “IT” gave me the link to your place because I seem to have lost the ability to have my icons appear on the taskbar. You come highly recommended as a computer fixer so I’ll give you the low down and maybe you can come up with an answer: I’ve lost my little speaker and computer with the globe. I went into control panel, taskbar/start menu, notification area. There are checkboxes there to display these icons but they’re greyed out I can’t check them and I miss my icons, any idea how I can get them back? thanks for your time

  3. Hey Matt.1 – Been good, hectic also but still good.2 – I was unplugged for awhile, but glad to be back (and glad you are too).3 – Family is good.4 – Yep, still here and not moving anywhere anytime soon (whether that’s good or bad, I haven’t decided).5- Know how that is too.6 – Good to see you too buddy. Take care and don’t get too busy you don’t take time to breathe.

  4. – Been worse, been better. Can’t complain too much.- No kidding man .. How you been?!- No kids or wife but that cats doing well.- Sure am .. Don’t plan on going anywhere anytime soon.- Oh I know the feeling.- Good to see you too .. Don’t be a stranger.- Lunch sounds awesome!- See ya.

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