#atozchallenge – Nerds

No, the candy.

I’m sort of surprised how “nerds” are still treated as kids, given how well the world knows these days, that nerds run things. Not only are nerds typically your boss, but they’re completely responsible for a HUGE chunk of cinematic / theatrics history over the last fifteen years now. Lord of the Rings, The Game of Thrones, the X men movies, all the super hero movies, etc.

These were the same folks who got made fun of for not being good at sports, and being ultra smart. People love them as lab partners, but they make terrible wing men. What I’m mostly surprised about is how that stereotype (as well as just about ALL the others that make middle to high school terrible for those who don’t fit the mold) is totally perpetuated in children’s tv. Not PBS stuff, of course, but the older “tween” shows, like the crap on the Disney channel. There are pretty / popular cheerleaders, and awkward scholastic tech types. You’d think in a society where you can’t say “Christmas” out loud, that that shit wouldn’t fly.

Kids are mean, and I can tell you that first hand. My mother will tell you I was NOT fat, and NOT picked on. The fact that she was never sitting in the class room at the time proves that she had her crystal ball tuned into the wrong channel. Cause I was.

Though, I wasn’t picked on for being a nerd, I got solid C’s and D’s. I was what you’d have called a geek, although being that there weren’t any OTHER geeks for me to relate to at that particular school, I just remained the unusual kid.

Shows like such that are on TV now, which are aimed at kids around 12 are laden with that sort of “Ew, don’t talk to the geek,” attitude, and it really sort of pisses me off. How fast would a show like that be whipped off the air if it had a fat girl that everyone picked on? Why is it that geeks and nerds are fair game? I’d love to see a show where smart non-athletic kids made football stars cry in the boy’s room, and feel inadequate.

I am already dreading when my kids get to that age, cause given the genetic cloth from which they’re cut, they’re likely to be on the receiving end of some of that.

Perhaps because they’re probably the only group who doesn’t care? They know what’s what, and realize that your high school achievements aren’t worth a fart, once you’re working for a living? I know it ain’t cause you can beat them up anymore…



8 thoughts on “#atozchallenge – Nerds

  1. I remember my oldest being tormented for years by a class A dumb asshole (kid got tossed out of CCD, even!). At great length, I told him that what that kid needed was a baseball bat across the shins. As a man, I’d have told him that he did the right thing, but as a parent, I’d ahve been forced to tell him that he did the wrong thing.Some kids need a baseball bat across the shins.

  2. my father once summed it all up for me – “if their grandparents are arseholes, and their parents are arseholes, the kid has no choice but be an arsehole”baseball bat it is…

  3. I’ve always been the “odd man out” when it comes to most things. I don’t fit into any box. I ride motorcycles and have tattoos, but I don’t fit in with the “biker” crowd. I work in IT, but I don’t completely fit in with the “IT geek” crowd. I write, but I still don’t feel completely comfortable in a room full of writers. I could go on, but you get the picture. Growing up, it was the same thing. I was the guy in the corner who never really seemed to fit in with anybody. It was weird when I went back to my 20 year reunion because you’d think people can talk about similar things that we all deal with as we get older, but I was still the odd man out. All in all, I’m okay with being odd though. I have years of practice getting used to it.

  4. Good points. I will tell you, that as a teacher, I try and make sure all feel comfortable in my classroom and I try to reassure all the students that there are others like them and that we are all weird (including me) so no one should pick on anyone. Not sure it works, but I try.

  5. I must admit, I agree. I was smart, but I hid it from some of m friends. As I got older, I determined that was the wrong coarse. I was not super athletic, but I was pretty good at soccer and baseball. I was also very sarcastic. Comedy has always been my escape. I do feel for kids today, I think they are more cruel now then when I went to school.

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