M&D’s Country Kitchen – Seekonk MA

A while back (year or two now) I was indulging some of my more geeky apatite at a book and game store called Rivendell Books and Games. They have all kinds of things for the gaming geek, from books, to shirts, to card games, to statues of characters from the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

One of my favorite shirts there is “I was young and needed the gold pieces”. I also liked “I’m not a geek, I’m a 14th level paladin.”

Anyway, on the way home, I’d spied a little mom and pop breakfast joint. I am always on the look for breakfast joints. Breakfast is my favorite meal to eat and cook. As a matter of fact, for the last year, I’ve been on the look out for the ultimate blueberry pancake, though I never really mentioned it to anyone. What better place to let the world know THAT than on my blog, right?

So anyway, this morning we had some shopping to do down in that area, and I thought about the place I’d seen… Unfortunately, it doesn’t exist anymore, and since I was looking for something that would tickle my memory banks, I drove right by the location it used to be at.

I did notice a place called M&D’s Country Kitchen where I thought the place I was looking for was located though, but there were no BIG signs saying anything about breakfast specifically though. I drove up passed the point where I knew it wasn’t, and turned around. We pulled into the parking lot, and I realized that this was the place, but this wasn’t the name. As it turns out, it is under new management now.

So now that you get all that useless babbling information, I’ll get to the review.

M&D's Country Kitchen Place Mat

From their place mat

The layout is a little funny. There seemed to be two doors, each to a separate dining area, with the kitchen in the middle.

I went in on the left side. The dining area in which I ate with the family was very country in style, as the name implies.

I was pleased to find solid wood dining tables with solid wood dining room chairs. Normally, I prefer to sit at booths, and will wait for one to become empty, but they didn’t have any. Usually this is a turn off for me, but the fact that they had real tables instead of the usual cheap particle board slab with a single central pedestal that is not level, made it OK in my book.

The room is comfortable, and although it’s large and filled with tables and chairs, it’s got a very homey feel.

Because I didn’t know these people, and I didn’t ask if I could take the pictures, I took the liberty of editing the picture. They were wearing other clothes. Everything else about them is exactly accurate though. They were both bald and very, very happy. They really must have loved their food! Just like I did.

One of the first things I take into consideration when I judge a breakfast joint is how well they accommodate my kids. I have a 7-year-old who is going on 21, and a 2-year-old who is VERY HAPPY being in her terrible twos right now.

They actually had not only crayons, which most places have, but several ACTUAL coloring books, not just some generic “activity page”. The crayons were just cheap generic crayons, as one might expect. If you run a breakfast place and want an A+ from me, getting good, quality Crayola Crayons goes a LONG way in my book… Even if I didn’t bring my kids…

So with the kids happy, I looked around. They do have high chairs. I didn’t see booster seats, but I didn’t need them either, so I didn’t double-check. They might have just been out of sight.

Once upon a time (and frequently upon the present) a huge percentage of my overall opinion was (is) based upon the bacon. I don’t like crispy bacon, I like it fatty and limp. Their bacon was crispy… However, everything else was so fantastic that the BACON DIDN’T MATTER. If you know me, you know how utterly absurd that sounds… but it’s true.

#1 favorite thing about this place is the hash. I absolutely LOVE homemade hash… Canned hash is ok, but doesn’t come ANYWHERE NEAR homemade… Even BAD homemade hash is better than canned. THIS hash was the best hash I have ever had. It’s not overly potato…ey… potatoey? Wasn’t overpowered by the potatoes… Wasn’t too crisp. lots of strands of delicious corned beef. Excellent flavor. It was hands down the best thing I’ve eaten in months.

#2, as you recall, I look for blueberry pancakes… The 2-year-old got a mickey mouse shaped blueberry pancake, and for some reason, she doesn’t eat. Anything. Ever. There’s always leftovers with her. So I sampled… a lot. It was great. Not ridiculously fluffy, not like, a bag of frozen blueberries with a little flour in it… it was “really good.”

#3, the home fries. I really don’t care for potatoes in general… I’ll have them now and then, but, typically, my opinion is “meh”. I LOVE garlic though… The home fries were nothing, if not garlicy… If you don’t like garlic, don’t order the home fries. If you do, be prepared… there is so much garlic on the home fries, it’s actually like, spicy to the point that it burns a little. It’s about eight hours after my meal right now, and I’ve had two beers, and I’m still belching garlic. This, to me, is win. I can understand how others might not appreciate this.

#4, The eggs. The eggs I got were “over easy” and I ate them all runny on an English muffin. It’s kinda hard to fake over easy, so that’s not much of a judgement… however, the scrambled eggs were in fact, eggs that were beaten with milk, and then scrambled… not some generic egg in a carton solution… I know this cause there was little fleck of egg-shell in my wife’s eggs… While that sucks, at least it’s affirmation that they use eggs, and not egg… juice… or whatever the hell places like IHOP uses. Or, if they DO and the throw in a little bit of egg-shell to convince us otherwise, at least they’re trying… that’s a lot of effort to go through. Props on that.

So long story… still pretty long, if you find yourself within an hour of Seekonk MA, make your way over to this place, it’s outstanding.

In closing, thanks to WordPress “After the Deadline” spell check plug in for suggesting I change “Placemat” to “Placenta”. Way to make a breakfast joint review disgusting.


3 thoughts on “M&D’s Country Kitchen – Seekonk MA

  1. Matt, a very useful review. I’m amazed at the number of restaurants that can’t bother to hit up the dollar store for a box of crayons. Crayola is icing on the cake. Good corned beef hash is my favorite too. Sounds like an awesome place!

  2. I love breakfast, too. So does MY WIFE. As a matter of fact, we love it so much we made a game out of going to new breakfast places. Maybe you read about it?


    No actual reviews in there, though, so I’ll tell you here about two fantastic breakfast spots.

    Johnny’s, in Newton Centre, has magnificent homemade hash, loaded with meaty goodness, red and green bell peppers, and just awesomeness, OK? I’d say if you like homemade hash, this is a go-to.


    The other place is just great on EVERYTHING. It’s called Persy’s Place, and it’s located in Kingston. Trust me. It’s worth the ride (and the wait, which can be quite long, so don’t go there expecting to get an immediate seating. Leave your house an hour earlier than you want to start eating.)


    I might go so far as to give this place my title for best breakfast in New England, but if I oversell it, you may be disappointed. Great stuff, though.

    One more, now that I think of it – Donohue’s pub in Watertown. If you like a Full Irish (Eggs, bacon, sausage, toast, beans, white and black puddings, fried tomato) on a Sunday morning, this value is hard to beat. A huge plate, done well, for about 10 bucks.

    Bon Appetit!

    • I do not recall that post, I shall read it this evening! And there’s a Percy’s Place nearby me too in Middleboro right off of the RT 44. rotary, I go there now and then. They too have outstanding home made hash, although last time I went, the portions were much smaller than they once were.

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