Comcast Movies Online and Monthly Traffic Limit

Comcast sent out a couple of emails to me over the last month or so. The first was to enform me that there was now a 250GB traffic limit on my account. Being an IT guy, I realized right off that this was a pretty high limit, so I wasn’t terribily worried about reaching it, although I was a little irratated since I pay top dollar for some very fast internet. Also, as I’d said, I am an IT guy, and I do most of my work from home over the internet. I also play online games (World of Warcraft) so if I were to exceed this limit, my ability to go my job and liesure would be impacted.

If you’re a comcast customer, you can go to, log in and go to “Users & Settings” and see how much you’ve used. I’ve been watching mine, and feel a bit better about the unlikely hood of ever reaching this limit.

My assumption was that this would be an effort to stop spammers, pirates, and other such internet usage abusers. It may also be an effort to get those who work from home to sign up for a business class connection, though it if ever came down to that, I’d more than likley end up with FiOS.

The second email I got a couple days later was to let me know that I could now go to and log in with my comcast account and watch full length TV shows and movies. I could definitely see this as something that would increase the data useage, especially in a case where someone is sitting in front of a computer all day. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t considering watching some TV or movies on my lunch break.

So was the data limit imposed to try to keep pirates and spammers from abusing the Comcast network, or as a precautionary step to make sure people weren’t watching TV off of their neighbor’s wifi signal, or just another means to put restrictions on things which had always been boundless?


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