Stick I.T. – Remote Support


7 thoughts on “Stick I.T. – Remote Support

  1. Not sure why . . I’m not really stupid, and I do listen. But when stuff starts moving around on the monitor and I’m not causing it, I start reaching for mouse and more. Like I really have any control over the damned thing, anyway!

  2. @MBJ – Yeah, I don’t personally like it either. I always make sure they’re ready for me to take control, and ALWAYS ask if it’s ok before I do. @Cramcake – I will admit to having accidentally picked the wrong machine, and remoted into a user’s machine who was doing things that they shouldn’t have been… But hey, who isn’t guilty of that once in awhile. I keep my mouth shut. @Leslie – It’s reflexive, I know how it is. @Suldog – Thanks! I know you to be a good judge of funny, so I will take your word for it. :D@Dawn – Thanks again! I love feedback, especially when it’s positive. 😀

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