Comcast digital converter boxes

Comcast actually managed to sneak up another step on my annoyance chart this week.

I’m sure by now everyone’s familiar with the movement to digital over analog. Well, if you’ve got Comcast for your TV services, you need to take it a step further. They require an additional converter box for any TV into which the cable was plugged directly.

This box is small, about the size of a sandwich. Best of all, it’s free.

I called Comcast and told them I had Coax coming out of the wall and plugged straight into the back of the TV in two rooms of the house. They sent me two boxes. Pretty simple.

On the first of this month, one of the boxes stopped working correctly. For some reason, I was only getting about 15 channels, and they were spread far apart, starting around 234 and ranging all the way out to the 700s…

I called Comcast. Tech support sent a couple of reset signals which did nothing. They told me to keep the box off for thirty seconds. This too did nothing.

The conclusion was that the box was bad, and I was presented with two options.

1 – I could take the box to a Comcast service center and have it switched out for free.


2 – A tech could be dispatched to the house to replace this box (and I quote) “you will never have another problem again”.

I was very tempted to go this route just so that when I eventually have another problem, I could call back and complain… However, this would cost me $25!

I said “Hold on. So let me get this straight… I get the box for free. I’ve had it for a week, and now it’s not working, and to have someone come fix this box that I was sent for free, would cost me money. How about just sending me another box for free, and I’ll return this one?”

“No sir, I cannot do that.”

Makes me wonder if I might be able to just find a third TV to report and see if they’ll send me another free box and just use that one.


One thought on “Comcast digital converter boxes

  1. Hi Matt, I am sorry for the trouble.I am not sure if this option was presented to you. If it is convenient for you, you can go the local office and swap the defective box for a new one. You can find the nearest office near you by visiting this link: me know if you need further assistance. Mark Casem Comcast Corp. National Customer

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