Cheated Out of Winter

As many of you know, the weather in these here parts (New England) was very mild as far as winters usually go. I think collectively we may have had eight or so inches of snow this year, that probably only stuck around for a collective four or five days.

I am a creature of the cold, I think. I’d MUCH rather it be cold, and I can wear a sweater or something, rather than it be hot and I can only get so naked before I’m out of cost saving options. Yes, I have air conditioners, but I’d rather they were off.

I can’t REALLY complain, since I didn’t spend nearly as much money this year on oil as I did last year, so I can accept the sucky winter (good thing, huh?)

But still, I can’t help but feel disappointed by mother nature. What a wimpy winter.


10 thoughts on “Cheated Out of Winter

  1. You can have the lingering winters we have here in Denver. I’m very much a fan of heat, so I’d rather be in the sunshine than buried under the snow. Don’t ask me why I’m still here, I should be living in Vegas or something.

  2. We have had the weirdest winter ever in my home town. One day in January I was laying outside enjoying the sun and warm day. Then a few days ago it was snowing like crazy. It has been like that all winter. But I do prefer it to freezing for months.

  3. I’m with you, Matt. As I’ve said over and over through the years:By March, I’m ready for Spring; by May, I’m ready for Fall.I’m pretty pissy that here it is late March, and I’m still waiting for Winter. In fact, the best snow that we had this year was in frickin’ OCTOBER!!

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