Drawing in Microsoft Excel


5 thoughts on “Drawing in Microsoft Excel

  1. @Chris No, I don’t do that… I may give it a whirl some day, but I find it much easier to illustrate via text. …I’m also better with words than pictures. @LimesNow, you got it right, South Eastern Massachusetts. Grew up in Brookline and Brighton, and now I’m in Taunton.

  2. Ditto, better with words than pictures! ;~}OK, re: MA. I thought that at first, but in your prior post you referred to a turning signal as a “directional” and I thought, “Hmmmmmm . . ?”

  3. Yeah, I’ve picked up a few peculiarities as far as my diction. I seem to have completely avoided any sort of regional accent… You know, the one we’re famous for? I’ve had people tell me on the phone that they don’t believe I’m from Boston.

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