So Much Nothin to Say

I’ve been sort of lamenting the fact that I haven’t been blogging all that much on this particular blog lately, and I’ve kept sort of dismissing the thoughts by saying “Just don’t have much to say these days.”

But since when has that ever stopped me from blogging?

It’s been a while since I just sat down and typed without a story in mind, so I thought this would be a good opportunity to do it, and perhaps it will sorta jump-start me back in the blogging frame of mind.

It’s hot out today. Sorry to fall back on the cliché of talking about weather, but it’s something we all have in common… Everyone has to deal with the weather, and everyone has an opinion about it. My opinion: I hate the summer. I can’t wait for late autumn.

But today, it’s very hot and humid, and feels like rain. The air is downright chewy out there, like walking through butter. I have a graduation party to go to, that I’m really looking forward to, I just hope it doesn’t rain on it, or that they have room inside for everyone.

We got up a couple of days ago, and the car wouldn’t start. Fortunately, I work primarily from home, but this is still a major thorn in our sides. The starter TRIED it’s damnedest, but the engine just wasn’t getting any gas. The dashboard said “Engine power reduced”. Thanks for the details, Chevy.

Pepboys has a towing service that only costs me $25 to have it towed to them, so I sent it off. I haven’t heard yet what the issue is, but I’m expecting to hear today. I had to cash out my IRA so that I could cover whatever costs come in from this.

Could have been worse, I suppose, we could have been somewhere else when it happened, I could have not had the IRA, etc. I have to get an inspection sticker this month too…

Years ago, I’d have gotten myself the Chilton’s manual, and tried to fix it myself, but cars are all computers these days. Ironically, while I make my living fixing computers, I have no idea how to work on cars anymore BECAUSE they are all computers.

Seems like every time things are starting to look up, like we’ll have a few extra bucks to cover some old bills, or treat the family to something nice, Murphy steps in the way.

I always feel like I am JUST getting the walls to stand up straight, and the floor falls out, you know?

Still though, I’m in decent spirits. I’m glad to have had the IRA to cover the cost, and if this has to happen, at least we were all at home and are safe. Silver lining and all that.

So that’s been my July in a nutshell so far. I realize it’s only the 7th, but I think that’s a decent amount of info already, eh?

Hope everyone’s doing well. I’m going to make an effort to get around to all your blogs more often. I miss the interaction, and actually genuinely find myself wondering how everyone’s doing. It’s been too long.


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