Pet Peeves 3 – Huh?

Ok, I know it hasn’t been very long since my last pet peeve, but I was stuck on the phone with a service technician today, who at first sounded like a cool dude. He had a deep baritone sorta, nothing’s going to ruffle my feathers, easy going way about him. I thought, “Yeah, this’ll be ok, he’s going to keep his cool, we’re going to get through this, and then he’s going to sing to some ladies, all Barry White style.”

I couldn’t be further from the truth. He wasn’t relaxed and easy going, he was dumb as a bag of hammers. AND he had a terrible habit.

“Huh?” you say? … boy, not you too…

Didn’t matter what I said, he followed up with a “Huh?”

Tech: Ok sir, Um verreh sorruh yor havin trubble today, letsee whut we khen do abowt it. Can you tell me a little bit abowt thuh prawblum?

Me: Yes, the CD rom does not read disks. I’ve uninstalled it in the device manager, reinstalled it, upgraded firmware, nothing.”

Tech: Huh?

Me: (unsure of what exactly he missed there) Ah, I said I uh, uninstalled, reinstalled, updated the firmware, and the CD-Rom is still not working.

Tech: Ohh.(though it sounded more like an awww)Kin you take the drive an put ut in anothar computar?

Me: I did that actually, I swapped with the machine next to it, and it still didn’t work. However the other machine’s drive worked in this tower.

Tech: Huh?

Me: [blink] I said, I swapped with the machine next to it, and the broken CD rom still doesn’t work.

Tech: Ohh, but tha other machine’s cd drive worked in the original machine?

Then I realized… I realized he was asking me to repeat myself to buy himself more time to come up with something intelligent-sounded. After a while, I started doing it back. It went like this:

Me: Yes, that’s right, the drive from the machine next to this one worked fine in this machine.

Tech: Huh?

Me: Hrm?

Tech: Ohh. Ok, let me see about gettin you a replacement …

Please, use the word “huh” all you want, if you don’t hear someone. If you need more time for a response, by all means, take it. There are plenty of other words to use like “Well…” or “Ah… ” but don’t ask someone to repeat themselves if they don’t need to. Me especially. I don’t know what it is, but I really can’t stand having to repeat myself. It’s unreasonable, I know this. I’m already driven nuts by it, don’t make me do it if you actually did hear me the first time…

First person to comment with “huh?” gets a noogie.


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