100 things I Love About the USA

Uncle Skip did a “100 things I love about the USA” post, and I thought it was a great way to honor the 4th of July, since my kids are too young (debatably) to stay up late enough to watch the fireworks… Not that they’ll get anything outta this post for many years to come, IF ever… but hey, it makes me feel like less of a deadbeat for not taking to the fireworks.

01. Our women don’t have to wear veils over their faces, even the ones who should…
02. Our bacon isn’t ham.
04. KENTUCKY straight bourbon.
05. AMERICAN Football!
06. Baseball.
07. Dunkin Donuts on every freakin corner, and a KFC every couple miles.
08. You can drink the water. (though it’s usually yucky…).
09. Top notch medical care, whether we want it or not..
10. Cigars (Especially the one’s bought from Canada that came from Cuba… ).
11. BBQ grills and cold beer in the summer.
12. The 4th of July.
13. Thanksgiving.
14. True Blood.
15. Taylor Swift.
16. Other assorted Country music stars.
17. The Red Hot Chili Peppers.
18. The Eagles.
19. Lynyrd Skynyrd.
20. We buy gas by the gallon, not litre, and it’s much cheaper than other parts of the world.
21. ESPN (stolen from uncle Skip).
22. The Grand Canyon.
23. The Washington Monument.
24. Hot Dogs.
25. Friendly’s.
26. Ben & Jerry’s.
27. Slim Jims.
28. Dr. Suess
29. Shell Silverstein.
30. R. A. Salvatore
31. Massachusetts.
32. The New England Patriots.
33. The Boston Redsox
34. The right to express my own opinion.
35. The right to tell someone else that their opinion sucks.
36. Smores and campfires.
37. Star Wars.
38. The Lord of the Rings.
39. Spiderman.
40. X-men.
41. David Eddings.
42. Robert Jordan.
43. George R. R. Martin.
44. Muscle Cars.
45. Andy Griffith.
46. Disney Movies. (The kids like em.)
47. The United States Military, and all those who protect my freedom.
48. The EMTs who save lives every day.
49. The Emergency room staff and top notch surgeons who save our lives.
50. Mt. Rushmore.
51. Yosemite.
52. Old Faithful.
53. The Berkshires.
54. Fireworks!
55. Uh…

Ok, so this is kinda difficult, I can see why Uncle Skip’s post was 100 things I love… etc…

I feel like things are going to start getting a little more arbitrary as I go… Had I started this some days ago, I’d have had a better time with it, I think, but I’m really tired, and I want to finish for the 4th… We’ll have to leave it for the time being at 55…

Suggestions welcomed!


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