Blogger vs. WordPress

As you may or may not know, I’ve got other blogs, one of which is I used to host it here at Blogger, and then moved it to a different CMS (Content Management System – prepackaged website template), and subsequently flipped it over to WordPress…

I have to say, I like WordPress a little bit better than I do Blogger.

I find that Blogger is a bit more basic, which in and of itself isn’t a BAD thing… But I feel like I have much more control over the site at WordPress.

A friend of mine hosts the site, instead of just signing up for free hosting at This allows me to use a ton of different “plugins” and widgets and so on.

I also like that anyone can comment if they supply a name, their email address and a website (the website is optional).

The development of the plugins and such seem great, everything is up to date, everything works, etc. So far, there’s nothing that I get here at blogger, that I don’t get at wordpress, and I think the themes are nicer looking at WP.

That said, I think blogger gives you a little more control over the theme itself, though I haven’t explored all of the options at WP yet…

I DO like the “follow” widget here at Blogger though. I’m trying to see if I can get a widget like the “Follow” one here for blogger users, but I don’t think Google is interested in that anymore… They seem to be forcing everyone to just use instead. That said, I have a plus account, so no biggie.

I was shocked how incredibly easy it was to import an entire blogger blog to WP. I migrated one site to WP in less than ten minutes, and had it looking the way I want it in just another ten minutes.

Have you checked out WordPress at all recently? What are your thoughts?


7 thoughts on “Blogger vs. WordPress

  1. Hi Delores, That seems odd… I am willing to bet it’s a problem with your browser or something like that. Will you go to and try to post something there? I can help you figure it out, I think.

  2. Did the exact same thing a year ago, and came to pretty much the same conclusion. Starting out, I found WordPress a little complicated after the ease of Blogger, but as I got used to it, I totally fell in love with WP and eventually moved my blog there. I think I even did a couple of WP v/s Blogger posts somewhere around the time.I think the only thing I miss about Blogger is the people. I’ve lost touch with a lot of blog friends since I moved. I tried to get FriendConnect on to my WP blog to, but mine is free hosted, and doesn’t really support plugins much. : But it isn’t that bad, because when it comes strictly to following the blog, you can always sign up for email updates. :)And while it is true that Blogger does offer more control over the theme, I always get this feeling that all the blogger themes look more or less similar. I prefer the WP themes despite their lower flexibility. Totally loving WordPress now. Love how they keep updating their features, and introducing new themes- which I love experimenting with.. 😀

  3. Welp. I’ve done it. I’ve imported everything and moved to WordPress… Wish me luck! I will update the old page ( with more information on how to get here, as well as an RSS feed of this site, etc… So don’t worry about losing touch!

  4. I had done the same before but I found that the WP app for mobile wasn’t as good as the blogger one. That has been my main means of blogging and such with our cross nation back and forths. And the widget for followers really bugged me.

    • I actually hadn’t used the mobile app for either at all, though I did load the WP app a few days ago, and I’m extremely impressed with it. I don’t know how new it is or what, but there’s not much I can do on the web that I couldn’t do from the phone.

      The follower thing is a bit different, I definitely agree with that. I wanted to put a Google Friend Connect widget, but google discontinued Friend Connect just this past April… Their alternative is to just put the Google Plus badge on the page. Sort of their way to shove everyone toward using Plus, I guess.

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