Beer Review: Samuel Adams – The Vixen

I got this beer for a few reasons. 1, because it’s Samuel Adams, and in my book they can do no wrong. 2. I only learned the definition of “Vixen” about a week ago, so I thought that was a bit ironic when I saw it on the shelf. I always thought it was a synonym for slut. Turns out it’s actually the word for female fox… Who knew, right? and 3, it came in a bigass bottle, which I mentioned in my last review, is awesome.

Smell: Popped the bottle and got only a feint whiff of chocolate and perhaps nutmeg?

Pour: This poured completely opaque, and I didn’t have a good overhead light to hold it up to, cause I was watching True Blood, and you don’t watch that with the overhead light on. (I don’t want to hear it.) So in my book, this beer is completely opaque. Decent head of about two fingers, thick and creamy.

Taste: The taste, to me, is mostly chocolate and spices, like I said nutmeg. A little cinnamon perhaps. The finish is caramel malty.

I don’t taste the chilis except about a minute after I drink, I can feel the chili heat in my throat and belly. It definitely comes out in the belch.

All things considered, this is a well balanced beer, every ingredient is represented nicely. I think this is a good beer, and will drink it again.


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