Beer Review: Samuel Adams Dark Depths Baltic IPA

Brew Style: Baltic IPA
Brewer: Boston Beer Company
ABV: 7.6%
BrewNewb Opinion: Good Beer

I always feel like a total badass when I drink from a big bottle. This bottle is 1pt 6oz. Bad. Ass.

I’m excited about this brew, cause I’m not exactly certain what to expect. I don’t know what a “Baltic” IPA is, but judging by the name (cause god forbid I read anything else about it before buying it, right?) I’d say it’s a dark IPA? Which I love… so…

Smell: Popped the cap, and I can smell only a little, but I smell malts and piney hops. I’m very encouraged.

HOLY HEAD Batman! Perhaps I poured over zealously, but right now I’ve got half my glass of beer, and a good four fingers of thick creamy, frothy head.

Dear god, it smells good. I smell roasted malt, some strong hops, a slight bit citrus. And interesting bouquet. I’m going to let the head relax a bit. The brew itself is dark. Light comes through only just barely. It’s the color of Pepsi, if a little darker. The head through the glass looks much like a soda, though on the top it looked like a cappuccino.

I guess it wasn’t the pour, cause I just trickled some more slowly into the glass, and it came to life again like Vinegar and baking soda. I was forced to snarf up some of the foam, or wear it. It was very promising.

Taste: Initially it’s very much like a Guinness, though with a bit of cocoa and dark chocolate. More malt than anything, not much hops at all.

Overall, not a bad beer, I’d drink it again, though not if I was looking for the hops of an IPA. (and I usually am.)

I think this is more like just a porter in my book. On its own, a good beer. Not a great example of a black IPA.

Still head and shoulders above big label pilsners.


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