Beer Review: Harpoon Leviathan

Brew Style: Barleywine-style Ale
Brewer: Harpoon
ABV: 10%
BrewNewb Opinion: Decent Beer

First, I’m kinda beat right now. I slept poorly, and this morning I got outside around 10am and mowed our substantial lawn. Takes about an hour and a half from start to finish. I didn’t quite finish, as the temp is approaching 90, and it’s so humid, the air is chewy.

I’m rather excited about this brew. I like Harpoon (not UFO, but their IPA) and I’ve had only one other “Barleywine style ale”, and I enjoyed it. Beer is always great after hot, dirty work, I say. So without further delay…

Pour: I am using a Sam Adams “Perfect Pint” glass. It pours a hazy reddish orange. Smell: Popped the cap, and sniffed from the bottle, smells sweet and malty, and a little fruity. Thin foamy head that dissipated as I typed the last two sentences.

Taste: Crisp and bready, after taste of fruit and a little coppery. The alcohol is apparent, but not over-bearing. Not much carbonation.

As far as beer goes, this doesn’t appeal to me a whole lot. As I continue to drink, the coppery flavor stands out in my mouth, followed by the aftertaste of alcohol. Not entirely unpleasant, but not exactly pleasant either.

This is also a heavy beer, I feel rather full after drinking only 2/3rds of it.’s not a lot by way of hoppy bitterness. Perhaps a little tart citrusy flavoring in the finish, but that’s about it.

All in all, a decent beer. I don’t know how it compares to other barleywine style ales, as this is only the second I’ve had. I would choose this over a generic big-label pilsner, but probably not over a Bass ale or Samuel Adams Boston Lager.


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