Victory’s Yakima Glory

I just reviewed HopDevil, but Victory, and was frankly let down, only because I expected more hops… Yakima was recommended to me highly, so I thought I’d go here next.

Now, having young kids, the word “Yakima” makes me think of iCarly, because she’s got a grandfather who lives in Yakima Seattle. What does that do for my expectation? I dunno, but every time I think of the word, I think of iCarly. Which honestly, isn’t a bad show. I recommend it if you’re looking for something amusing.

Anyway, here I go…

Right away, as I open the bottle, I get a whiff of the pine hops I was looking for with HopDevil. Promising…

This poured a dark mahogany color, with next to no head.

Smells great. Mostly pine, some citrus, and some light malt. Tastes almost exactly how it smells, bitter piney hops up front, light malt in the finish, and citrus in the burp.

I like this stuff. This is what, in my humble opinion, should have been called HopDevil. I think they probably mixed up the labels of the first batches of this, and HopDevil, and shipped before they realized. They couldn’t exactly switch it up after they already had fans (or haters!) of one or the other… right?

Anyway… this is a great beer. Very well rounded, very nice. Victory? Yes. Doesn’t appear to be an IPA though it tastes like one. Oh, look, 8.7% too! Nice surprise!


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