Torpedo Extra IPA by Sierra Nevada

Brew: Extra India Pale Ale


ABV: 7.2%

Opinion: Meh…

This is another beer I kinda dropped the ball on. I seem to recall having somewhat of a trying day, and decided to do a few reviews all in the same night, for more reason than just to do the reviews…

But I remember this well. Frankly, this was one of the few beers (count em: TWO!) that I did not like from this whole challenge.

First, let me describe… The smell was hops, like most other IPA, some breadyness too… Nothing unusual there. I don’t recall being impressed one way or another by the head, so I imagine it was average.

The inital taste was lots of piney hops, which I loved. However… Have you ever taken a drink of water from a freshly washed glass, from which not all of the dish soap was rinsed? You know that bitter soapy taste that kinda clings to the back of your throat? I got a lot of that… I thought perhaps it was just that it was the first sip, and my pallet wasn’t expecting it or something, but throughout the whole bottle, I just had that soapy flavor in the back of my throat.

Aside from that, I probably would have enjoyed this. I’d still drink it before a Bud. Hell, I’d drink soapy water, before a Bud, most of the time.


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