The Latest IPA

So like I was saying before, I just brewed my first all grain brew, by which of course, I mean I stood there while my friend Mike said “Ok, pour in this.” and then stood there until he told me to pour in something else. What was it all? I dunno really. I know there were grains, hops, and water. All in different measurements, and added at different times.

So yeah, when I refer to this brew as “mine” it’s only cause I was his puppet for a few hours, and when he left, he didn’t take it with him.

I DO however, have a few pictures of it to share:

Here you’ll see the brew about 18 hours after we’d finished. The yeast has had a chance to settle in, get comfy and start producing alcohol. The airlock on top blubbled forth yeast farts every 5 or 6 seconds, and I hovered above waiting to furiously sniff. 

Yeast farts at so nice.

These are a day later. You’ll see how the foam is beginning to rise? do you like the jacket?? I was told it was best to keep the light off the brew. I think if I could draw, I would make a comic about a carboy who wore a jacket, and the airlock was his head. That orange hande could be used as a sort of neck tie.

I would read that comic.

Anyway, at this point, the yeast as active as it got the whole time, giving me a yeast fart every 4 seconds. We expected it to go faster than that, but I think due to the fact that the ambient temp in my basement was only 50°F. it went more slowly.

 This is day five, and it’s a good thing the yeast didn’t get too crazy, cause that junk would have spurtted up through the top there. As you can see, it got pretty close!

That’s all I have for pictures. Aint he handsom!?

I feel the need to name this brew, because I’m tired of calling it “my first all grain brew” because A) like I said, it’s not technically my brew, even though it’s in my possession, B) “my first all grain brew” is just too long to keep saying, and C) I like naming things.

I think I’ll call it Al (Short for All grain).

Al and I will be good friends once he’s mature enough to hang out with. At least for the week or so it takes me to consume him…

I’ll let you know how it goes! 😀


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