Preparing for the A to Z

I have joined the A to Z challenge, as is displayed proudly on the right –>

My A to Z is going to be about beers and brewers, and I thought I’d give you some idea of what to expect as we plunge forward with this. I love beer. I love a full bodied, heavy, bitter beer. I like to still be able to taste it after I’ve swallowed it. I like it to burn my pallet a little when I burp. And yes, like a male beer drinker, I like to burp. 🙂 

This isn’t to say I won’t drink a bud light, I definitely will if that’s all that’s available, or if my goal is to drink as much as possible in a small amount of time. As I get older, I find that being less and less appealing though. 

For this challenge, I’m going to stick to the lesser known beers, and as far away from the mainstream as possible. Anyone who is still reading this post is either interested in beers enough to be able to write his or her own review of Bud Light or Coors, or Michelob, and maybe Heineken, OR he or she doesn’t care what they read, so it might as well be about something I like. 

Naturally, anything I post is going to be my own personal opinion, or simple fact, such as nutrition information. Feel free to agree, or disagree, and please don’t take any of my opinions personally if you happen to love or brew something that I find unpleasant. 

I’m looking forward to this challenge, and I’m hoping I can keep things as entertaining as possible in doing it. Thanks for reading!


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