Port Brewing Hop-15 Ale

Image stolen right

off their website.

Brew Style: American Double / Imperial IPA



ABV: 10%

BrewNewb Opinion: Good Beer!

I poured this badly. I went a little too fast, into my over-sized Samuel Adams glass… The head came up fast, and I had to suck some … uh, I’m not saying head there… Foam down real fast, or I was going to wear it. 

That said, the foam was quite promising. 

I let it relax a bit, and finished topping off the glass. 

Could QUITE fit it all, so I drank the end of what was left in the bottle. Lots of malt, and I could taste the alcohol though it’s shrouded by bitterness and maybe a little metallic taste. I like it. 

The glass, very hazy orange. Translucent, but only a little. Enough to see floaties in the mix there. Probably dead yeast and what have you… “Lees” as it’s called. 

Low carbonation, Syrupy. The after taste is mostly alcohol, some malt, not as much bitterness as I like in an IPA, and a little more floral than I care for. 

All in all, a good beer. 


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