Pale Ale by Tröegs

Brew:  Pale Ale


ABV: 5.4%

Opinion: Great Beer!  

When I started drinking beer, I started much like most other folks, drinking the cheap, yellow fizzy corn-tasting stuff that the college kids drink out of funnel-ended tubes. Responsibly of course, and only after the age of 21.

I remember going to a bar that didn’t actually have any of those things, and I was kind of shocked. Out of my element I ordered a Harpoon IPA, and remember thinking it was disgusting. Now I find them ALMOST bitter enough!

One of the first brews outside of yellow and fizzy that I started to enjoy a lot was a pale ale. (Bass, to be specific).

This here Tröegs pale ale was sort of an last minute grab, because I was having trouble filling the P slot. Thinking about it now while sitting at home, I can think of several other beers I could have gone for, but frankly I’m glad I grabbed this one. I always tend to overlook the pale ales, going for the more bitter IPA or the completely different stouts.

So without further blahblahblah, I get down to it, optimistically!

Ok.. .that was interesting. Not sure exactly what it means, but I cracked the bottle and began sniffing at the opening, only to realize that third sniff, my nose was sitting in foam. The head crept right up out of the bottle. I know it hadn’t been shaken, it was sitting here on the table for the last ten minutes… perhaps the temperature change?

Anyway… Poured, low carbonation, as a pale ale tends to be. Dense orangy color, slightly opaque. Juicy slightly sweet smell. It tastes almost exactly how it smells, too. It’s a nice, crisp, sweet slightly citrusy beer. Hints of hops in the finish, just enough to remind you that it’s a beer.

This beer reminds of me of Tröegs Nugget Nectar which I reviewed two posts ago, only a little more on the light side.

This is a good beer. Once again Tröegs doesn’t disappoint!


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