New Castle Brown Ale

I like a beer with a little more flavor than most folks, so brown ales caught my attention quickly, when I started exploring the not-bud beers. I found it interesting that it really sort of tasted brown, if that makes any sense.

This beer is like a normal ale, but it’s got flavors like a brown bread, and some caramel, some nuttiness too. It’s not overly carbonated, slightly watery, and not too… anything. I think the best part about this beer is it’s not too much in any way… not too bitter, not too sweet, not too carbonated, etc… It’s very well balanced. I think it’s just a decent drinking beer if you’re looking for a different, richer taste. 

Their website is pretty awesome too. 

This stuff is imported from England and manufactured by Heineken International. It comes in at 4.7% alcohol, so you get to enjoy the flavors a little longer, because that point where it doesn’t matter what it tastes like takes longer to occur.

I had a teacher for one of my Microsoft certification classes who loved this beer. He was one of those guys who would quickly go over what was in the book, as if you had questions, and if you didn’t he’d just say “OK, practice your labs” and we’d goof off on the computers. If you got him talking about beer, he’d go on all night long and it was usually about New Castle Brown ale. I owe him my thanks, cause had he never told me about it, I probably wouldn’t have had it for a lot longer. 


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