Geary’s Winter Ale Beer Review

Brew:  English Pale Ale


ABV: 6.0%

Opinion: Great Beer! 

I smell the yeast after the pour. Perhaps apples as well. Fruit, anyway.

This is perhaps the most shocked I’ve been during this whole A to Z beer review, and for those of you wondering, no, I didn’;t start at a… I’m almost done at this point.

The flavor is butter scotch, almost entirely. There’s a…no, that’s it. Butterscotch. That’s ALL I get. Now that I have tasted it, even the smell is butter scotch.

This has got to be the most unique beer I’ve had throughout this challenge, and I haven’t done the IPAs yet at all… Which is my favorire of the genres… This beer was the biggest surprise so far. I like this. This is great!

The taste IS butterscotch.

I really like this beer. I have great respect for it, being something that tastes SO MUCH like something else. It even burps butterscotch.

So here’s the thing about this beer… I’m totally shocked about it. It doesn’t taste much like any other ale I’ve ever had, but… wow. Excellent ale, mostly just because it of how completely it tastes like something else. As a craft brewer, I hope that some day I can make something that takes another curious lad or lass as off guard as this took me.

Excellent beer!


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