Erdinger Dark Hefe-Weizen

Brew:  Weissbier Dunkel 

Brewer: – Careful, the site has music.

ABV: 5.6%

Opinion: Good Beer! 

I was careless with this pour and I paid for it. The bottle is a 1 pint, 9ozer, and I was pouring it into one of those sexy Sam Adams glasses. I poured JUST a little too fast, and by the time I got the thing half full of beer, the rest was filled with foam.

I took a break to let it subside, put the kids in the tub, selected their pajamas for the night, had myself the crust of the 2 year old’s pizza and came back to it. I then slowly poured the rest into the glass, and the damned thing foamed up again. I had to suck down some suds before it spilled over.

So I don’t know if this bottle got shaken up at some point and was holding a grudge, or something like that, or if it’s supposed to be that foamy or what. My suspicion is confirmed by the picture I found for this post.

Smells a little bready with some maltyness. Carbonation isn’t bad, what you might expect from say, a stout… but like I said, I think most of the carbonation bailed out when I poured.

As the name suggests, it’s dark, light only barely shining through the thick brown body.

Interestingly the App I use on my droid called beerspec, doesn’t recognize the barcode.

This beer is 5.5%, and very smooth. I have to give this bad boy a 4 out of 5. Very good beer. 

Best part about this beer, it was a pint (and .9oz!) for $2.95. 🙂


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