Berkshire Brewing Company (BBC)

Berkshire Brewing Company started in 1994, coincidentally the same year I finished my sophmore year in High School. There’s no common thread between those two facts, I just thought I’d throw that in there, cause aside from it being my sophomore year, there was nothing memorable about it for me. At least, if there was, I can’t recall it.

Being a New Englander, and more specifically a Bostonian, I have an over-inflated sense of pride regarding things in, around, and from this area. It seems a common trait we New Englanders have. I love that we see the best and worst of all four seasons. Case in point: As I write this post, a little early on in this challenge, admittedly, but knowing myself, I’ll finish it only just in the nick of time anyway, it’s March 21st, the first day of spring, and it’s snowing like crazy. There’s so much white stuff on my deck right now, it looks like Charlie Sheen’s coffee table. 

I also love that we have the ocean, lakes, forests and mountains. Imagine my non-sensical swell of pride to find a beer by the “Berkshire Brewing Company”!

This beer was introduced to me in probably one of the coolest ways by my buddy. He brought over in a Growler. In the picture below, you’ll see one of my brews in recycled bottles… The 6 large ones in the middle are growlers. You can see, these are actually BBC growlers I used. 

I can just imagine the conversation that lead to the genesis of the growler… Two guys bottling beers, one says “Christ what a pain in the ass!” and the other says “Let’s make a bigger bottle! That’ll be MANLY!” and the first guy says “Yeah! And to make it more MANLY, we’ll call it a GRRRRRRROWLER!” I’m sure it was shortened for convenience. 

Anwyay, back to the beer. 

This is a craft brew, and as such, it has a sludge that settles on the bottom called Lees. Some people prefer to toss the last few ounces to avoid drinking the lees, others drink it. It’s perfectly harmless, as it’s mainly dead yeast cells. If you don’t like the lees, you’d best store the bottle upright. 

Being that it comes in such a large vessel, it’s best to drink the whole thing that night, to avoid having flat beer tomorrow. 

I’ve had several brews, and they were all exemplary. My favorite of these is the Lost Sailor IPA. This is a very nice IPA similar to Harpoon, though a little more flowery. It’s definltey got some wine overtones to it, but the hop flavor comes out in the finish. Perhaps a little more sour than bitter. 

This beer comes in at 5.5%. Definitely a good beer.


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