BBC Lost Sailor IPA

SO. Here I am again. I JUST finished up a few other posts, such as the J post here…  So why did I skip K? Cause I’ve had enough Killian’s that I could post about it with my eyes closed, both hands tied behind my back, using the force. I wrote the Killian’s post a week ago.

OK, so I’ve told you before, IPA is currently my favorite brew, so again, a biased post… Keep in mind, I just did the J post, while working on this one AND doing my H post for my usual blog… so at this point, anything that I write that’s even coherent, is a bonus.

So the Lost Sailor IPA… I can’t say enough good things about this stuff… When you crack this growler, the first thing you notice is that it pours and looks like a normal pale ale… But you smell Christmas trees! The bitterness of the hops used for an IPA (like Harpoon for those of you who are familiar” always reminds me of Christmas trees… I don’t know why, perhaps it tastes like Christmas trees… and yes, I’ve tasted Christmas tress… It was sort of a tradition for my cousin and I. More him than me, but when he was over, and sampled a sprig if my tree, I felt like it would be rude if I didn’t join him. Anyway, that’s what the bitterness of an IPA reminds me of. Call me crazy if you like.

SO, the Lost Sailor IPA, like I was saying is awesome if you like IPA. It’s about 5.5%. According to that website that I linked, you can get it in single bottles, but I only have access to the growlers. …boy, poor me. Why “lost sailor”? I don’t know. Perhaps cause it’s a MA brew, and there was a lot of sailors here? Could be!

To learn more, don’t look to me, cause right now, my field research has me drunk and I still need to cook dinner for myself and the kids. It’s looking like hot dogs for tonight.


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