10 Albums – 1 – Live – Top from Throwing Copper

It could have simply been just that I was really into this band back in the 90s, when music was awesome, but for whatever reason, this song gets stuck in my head for weeks when I hear it…


4 thoughts on “10 Albums – 1 – Live – Top from Throwing Copper

  1. Lightning Crashes by Live was the first song I ever sought out the information to learn the title and band, because I loved it so much. It still makes me happy every time I hear it 🙂

  2. When music was awesome?!?!Tell me that’s sarcasm? :)Actually, it seems like people like the music that they like not necessarily because it’s good music, but because it got a lot of air time when the listener was “young”.

  3. I do enjoy their singles, but I picked up a few of the newer albums, and wasn’t all that impressed. Throwing Copper and the next one I actually liked every track on. Ayjay, It’s a very calming song, in my opinion. The meaning of it might not really suggest as much, but… Haha STG, No, that was not sarcasm. The late 90s was a great time for music. There hasn’t been anything new since then that doesn’t suck… I’ll have to do a post about it one of these days. Even if one didn’t like the music, it was still a pretty significant time for music in general. BTW, anyone who owns a Michael Crawford CD clearly doesn’t know when music sucked or not! 😀

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