Raising Bullies

Some time ago, my friend Jim posted about a city here in MA talking about banning profanity, and threatening to hand out $20 tickets to folks who swear in public.

The police chief of said town had said that it was mostly teenagers swearing down town in the area where shop owners made their business, and were feeling threatened.

This really kinda pissed me off, enough that now, probably about a month later, it’s still sorta seething in me.

My thoughts on the problem are that parents who decided thirty something years ago, that it wasn’t right to discipline their kids, tried coming up with ways of reasoning with them. They never raised their voices. They never raised their hands. What their raised was a bunch of assholes who learned that if their parents made them mad, they could drag them to court, and divorce them!

Well, now those assholes are having little assholes of their own. But the parent’s don’t want to be divorced by their kids, so instead of doing something about it, they’re having the generation who would have smacked the shit out of them but are now too old and afraid, get the police involved! The police?! Don’t these people have bigger fish to fry than handing out $20 tickets to teenagers for saying “Shit” in public?? There’s not enough real crime? Tax dollars at work! WTF?

Everywhere you look, there’s a story about kids being bullied, and killing themselves, or moving schools or something drastic like that. The bullies are winning because people are using these same god damned tactics to deal with them!

“Bullying is wrong. How would you feel. Stop bullying. Let’s raise awareness!”

How about we find the little bastards and whoop their asses? Seems to be the only thing they understand, and it’s painfully obvious that it’s been missing out of their upbringing.

Christ, I’d have gotten the tar smacked out of me if someone told my mother I was a bully. One of the facebook groups she “Likes” is “I’d rather go to jail for spanking my kid, than have my kid go to jail because I didn’t.”



9 thoughts on “Raising Bullies

  1. People have been placed in a position where they are afraid to discipline their children for fear someone will report them and the authorities will take their children away. I understand the logic. There have always been adults who abused children. We have to protect these little innocents somehow. Unfortunately, those who are good parents and who understand the need for proper discipline at times have had their hands tied. This is ONE element of our current situation. I know I will be unpopular when I mention working mothers who are not at home to give their children the care and attention they need. This is a delicate topic. Young couples seem to want everything right away these days…the houses, cars, vacations, etc… which puts them in a position of needing two sources of income (at least). I think the children are suffering because of this. Nuff said. Hopping off my soap box now.

  2. That is another facet to this thing. My wife and I are a young couple, and frankly we simply couldn’t do it on one salary, at least here in MA. There’s no way we could do it without both working. Fortunately, she’s in health care, and can work the second / third shift, and I work from home so I can cover the one or two hours between when she leaves, and I finish work. That is an excellent point, even if the parents are doing a good job, it may not be possible for them to be around, and those who are left in charge are fearful of losing their livelihood for correcting kids.

    • I have wondered what has been going on for years. When we got in trouble at school in the 50s and 60s we would have gotten spanked there and at home!! Not that I am an advocate of beating..but I do come from a time when spanking was not considered child abuse. The humility and stigma of being punished kept us in line. Now you can’t look at your kid cross-eyed without getting in trouble. then there is zero tolerance..what? arresting 6 yr. olds for having a tantrum. things are pretty mixed up. and now we have a man running for president who was a bully and seems to think it was a prank not assault. the way “grown-ups” act in politics, towards their spouses, pulling guns on their neighbors..it seems that the world is out of control. I especially hate the yuppy whatevers who go to restaurants, turn the damien children of the corn loose and dare you to say anything..expecting you to adore and ignore the little brats just like they do!

  3. My eldest was tormented for years by a local asshole kid. I finally had to tell him that what this idiot kid (who got tossed out of CCD, by the way…more than once) needed was a bat across the knees. It’s the only thing that some of these little pricks need. As I said to my kid: as a parent, I’d be forced to say that you did the wrong thing, and as a man, I’d be honored to tell you that you did the right thing.Some assholes just need to have the crap kicked out of them.

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