#atozchallenge – Qi

I used to watch Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues, and I remember the guy talking about his “Chi” all the time, but it wasn’t until I started playing Scrabble with the family that I realized how it’s spelled.

What a SUCKY word! I get so pissed off when someone plays it in Scrabble or Words with Friends! The Q is 10 points, and god help you if you get it on a bonus tile. Such a cheap way out! I spend the game trying to spell Quiz or Quid, and never think of Qi… Pain in the ass word.

Za too, that’s another Scrabble word I hate! Supposedly it means “Pizza”. Who do you know that calls pizza “Za”?? If you know someone who refers to pizza as Za, and there’s not some culteral reason that I don’t even know about, they deserve to be poked in the eye. Za, indeed…

I think there should be a penalty for using either of those words in Scrabble. The tile worth 1/2 the normal points or something.

Who’s with me?!


8 thoughts on “#atozchallenge – Qi

  1. ZA should only count if you’re a California surfer. But I think everyone should be able to relax when they find the perfect spot to align their QI. Except for my sister. She must take the penalty.

  2. I would agree with you, except I often use Qi and Za to bail my sorry butt out of Words with Friends jams! 😀 “Jo” also works.~Lynnhttp://www.acommonsea.com

  3. As an Italian-American, I find calling pizza “za” to be terribly offensive. Additionally, I’ve *never* heard it called that.Also, another good Scrabble/WWF word is “QAT”

  4. I think those words are in the Scrabble Official dictionary, which ironically includes all kinds of oddball stuff that isn’t allowed at my Scrabble table. I’m an old-school Scrabble guy who likes the dusty, humungous dictionary with old words like Ye and Thine. These damn punks need to keep their new-fangled words for somebody else’s Scrabble game. Now get off my lawn!

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