A to Z Challenge 2012 – Accidents

I have had many accidents over the course of my thirty two (and change) years. Not all were bad though. Some where…

I once did $11,000 in damage to a car that only had 4,000 miles on it. Very stupid, totally my fault, I was reaching for my phone and the person in front of me stopped. The car was in the shop for several weeks, and a week after getting it, I slid in the snow and bumped a median / island thing where the city had planted some bushes in the middle of a three way intersection, causing another $750 in damage. Needed a whole new bumper. I hate that cars are plastic now!

I dropped my cell phone in the toilet… TWICE in one month.

I once had to take a trip to another state for work. The flight was early, and so as not to wake my wife, I got dressed in the dark. I realized my folly while going through air port security. I looked down to make sure I was standing in the little tape outlines of feet so I could be scanned only to notice the pink stitching on my toes and heels. Apparently I was wearing my wife’s socks. Also apparently, the TSA is used to seeing that. Guess it happens a lot on the early flights.

I once grabbed the wrong card from my wallet while paying the bill at a restaurant. I thought it odd that the waitress had returned so quickly. Apparently the credit card machine didn’t take my bus pass.

I once left my back pack in the classroom. I returned to find the room closed and the lights off. I broke my library card trying to jimmy open the door. I then realized that the door was not locked to begin with.

I accidentally reminded the teacher to assign homework on more than one occasion in high school.

Got any good accident stories? I’d love to hear em!


28 thoughts on “A to Z Challenge 2012 – Accidents

  1. Oh I’ve accidentally gone away and left the doors unlocked, left the front burner on the stove on once (good thing the cat didn’t jump up there or we would have had real problem) and it melted the covering on the wall beside it, pressed broil instead of bake on the oven and burned my cake, tripped over my own shoes and sprained my ankle…need I go on?

  2. Oh my. Glad you can look back on it now.My worse accident was coming back from Gen Con in Indianapolis and going home to Chicago. So guy fell asleep and hit our van at 70mph. Sent us into a spin and we (me, wife and kids) ended up in a cornfield.Everyone was fine and we got the van fixed.Looking forward to seeing what you do!TimThe Other SideThe Freedom of Nonbelief

  3. I like your topic for the day. I once got numerous stitches in my forehead for diving off our front step and landing face first onto the sidewalk. Can really call it an accident though…because I did it on purpose (the diving part). Didn’t really think it all the way through very well. I was six…give me a break! 🙂

    • Hah! Sounds like me! I remember when I was VERY young, I used to ride my big wheels down the front (concrete) steps. There were only a few, and as long as you were going fast enough, you were fine. …I learned that “as long as you were going fast enough” part the hard way…

  4. I always say if you’re going to laugh about it later, you may as well laugh about it now. Not always easy… but true enough 🙂 Cute post! Here’s to the AtoZChallenge!! 🙂

  5. I hope you have learned not to talk on the phone while peeing in the toilet!I once backed my car into a light pole and smashed my face into the steering wheel breaking my glasses. I’ve also backed into fences a few times. I have trouble backing up.

  6. broke my arm jumping rope in 5th grade. Stood up on a numb foot and broke it, the summer before high school, went off a horse going over jumps, broken ribs, concussion , went off another runaway horse, head first into a rock, 7th concussion in all, had to learn to read all over again, still can’t remember some things and that was 40 years ago! Riding as a passenger on back of a motorcycle, went off, skidded on my elbows. went off my horse in an arena, held onto the reins (dumb), broke 2 fingers, tore ligaments, good thing I am left handed..shall I go on? No…it hurts to think about..especially since I am planning surgery for a knee replacement in May..not an accident, just old and decrepit! these do not take into account the stupid things I do on a fairly regular basis as per the other comments.

  7. Aw those are great. Um. I accidentally locked myself out of the house at 6am when I went to feed the duck couple that had taken up in the front yard. Didn’t realize the new locks I’d put in were locked themselves. Was in my gray frilly pjs with purple sequin flip flops, my hair all funky in a twist and orange drop earrings. Had to climb through the living room window. My neighbors got quite the show on their way to work with me trying to get in and the ducks following me around ;)Really enjoyed your first post! Good luck with the challenge :)Anna @ Herding Cats & Burning Soup

  8. Back in college, I managed to drive my Ford Escort completely over those little tree “islands” that you find in parking lots. This one was absent a tree (lucky for the tree I guess) which is why I drove over it (thinking it was open road), rushing to get to an open parking spot. I tore my muffler completely off the car, but beyond that, it was still drive-able. Being a college student, it was weeks before I got it repaired, and all the while, I drove that POS car around with it sounding like a drag racer. No end of amusement for my friends, and the source of several tickets from the police.

  9. Great stories. I split my forehead open on a brick planter once because I was riding my bike, my untied shoelaces got caught in the chain and I couldn’t figure out how to get free. My momentum stopped and the bike fell sideways, landing my head on the bricks. I think I was about 10 or so (and obviously not that bright in emergency situations LOL). Luckily it hasn’t affected me long term.Yeah right, tell him the truth.Shut up, he doesn’t know about all of us in here…

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