#atozchallenge – Qi

I used to watch Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues, and I remember the guy talking about his “Chi” all the time, but it wasn’t until I started playing Scrabble with the family that I realized how it’s spelled.

What a SUCKY word! I get so pissed off when someone plays it in Scrabble or Words with Friends! The Q is 10 points, and god help you if you get it on a bonus tile. Such a cheap way out! I spend the game trying to spell Quiz or Quid, and never think of Qi… Pain in the ass word.

Za too, that’s another Scrabble word I hate! Supposedly it means “Pizza”. Who do you know that calls pizza “Za”?? If you know someone who refers to pizza as Za, and there’s not some culteral reason that I don’t even know about, they deserve to be poked in the eye. Za, indeed…

I think there should be a penalty for using either of those words in Scrabble. The tile worth 1/2 the normal points or something.

Who’s with me?!

Insert Disk 2

As an I.T. guy it’s sometimes incredible to me how out of their element some folks can be when it comes to computers, particularly in situations where the computer pops up a message and actually tells you exactly what it needs.

There are also times when you’ll say something like “OK, now there should be an “OK” button, do you see it?” and they’ll say “Yes, what should I do, click it?”… There have been times when I tried to inject a little of my typical smartassery, only to have it go over their heads as well, which really rankles.