Aliens: What If…

I’ve always been a big believer in extra-terrestrial life. I think it’d be arrogant to believe we are the only life out there among billions of solar systems. I’ve also always been a fan of science fiction, although I’ve never really liked the movies in which aliens come to earth to strip it of it’s resources. That’s our job!

In order to do something as monumental as achieving inter-galactic travel, I’m willing to bet it would require some serious team work. For a civilization to get to that point, every one of them would have to understand the value of life, cooporation, blahblahblah. I find it far more likely that if they come here at all, their intentions would be more along the lines of peace. Perhaps there’s some inter-stellar counsil and we just might be the addition that they’ve been waiting for! What a blown opportunity it would be to land and kill everyone, you know?

I always liked the way they handled this in Star Trek, The Next Generation. Pre-Warp drive civilizations are left to their own devices figuring things out, and once they build the first warp drive vessle, they’re greeted by Star Fleet. “Ok, now that you’re out here, introductions are in order”.

Movies love to make aliens the bad guys though, and I can understand that because it’s unknown, it’s easier to make it scary. But how do you think the aliens are going to react when they see some of these flicks?

Yeah, I’d be pissed too. I bet they have movies where they come down to earth and they all get stupider for having been exposed to our idiocy.
Crap. I just realized I forgot the sad one’s ear… There. All fixed…
I think we’d be in trouble if they came tomorrow. Who would you want to be the person to make first contact? The president? Bill Gates? The Pope? (Hah! That’d be something…)
Imagine they land and it’s the WORST case scenario… Who would be the WORST person on the planet to make first contact? Paris Hilton? Pee Wee Herman? The band Kiss?

Droid Self Signed SSL issue

I’m posting this here, because I keep needing it and can never remember where I saved it… It’s nothing fun to read, just some tech info for me.

1. Set up corporate sync with your gmail account first using the following…. 
(Username) enter your gmail email
(Email) enter your gmail email
(server) enter

2. Accept and save the account.

3. open Settings ~ Accounts ~ and the account you just created.

4. Modify all of the account settings to reflect your actual corporate account.

5. Save….