The Pizza Place’s Busiest Day of the Year

I have a friend who works for a very large national Pizza chain, and he recently told me of the busiest day of the year for them, and I thought it interesting. SO interesting in fact, that I thought I’d see if you guys could guess!

This pizza chain is nationwide and very well known. It’s almost synonymous with the term “pizza” these days. I didn’t run it by him before posting this, so just out of internet-respect I’ll leave the name out… But when someone says Pizza, it’s the chain that most people think of automatically.

There is one day out of the year that their traffic spikes greater than any other day of the year. What day do you think that is?


6 thoughts on “The Pizza Place’s Busiest Day of the Year

  1. My guess is Valentines Day with all the hubbies bringing home pizza to spare their wives cooking that night. Second guess would be Christmas Eve ’cause we are all too busy to cook that night. Third guess would be Halloween because the kids start coming early to the door and it’s easier to have some take out for supper. Okay…now tell me before I go out of my pizza pickin’ mind..which day is it?

  2. It is indeed super bowl sunday. I thought it was interesting, because the driving factor is that the Super Bowl is not impacted by time zones, so everyone who is ordering pizza from them across the country is doing it at the same exact time.

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