The Pizza Place’s Busiest Day of the Year

I have a friend who works for a very large national Pizza chain, and he recently told me of the busiest day of the year for them, and I thought it interesting. SO interesting in fact, that I thought I’d see if you guys could guess!

This pizza chain is nationwide and very well known. It’s almost synonymous with the term “pizza” these days. I didn’t run it by him before posting this, so just out of internet-respect I’ll leave the name out… But when someone says Pizza, it’s the chain that most people think of automatically.

There is one day out of the year that their traffic spikes greater than any other day of the year. What day do you think that is?


Descrepancies that Piss Me Off – A Rant

My mind is like a black hole for information that I will likely never need. Not necessarily useless information, cause someone, at some point, found it useful, and shared it… But there’s a lot of junk bouncing around in my skill that I’ll never be able to employ.

I am Ok with this. If you only ever knew the things you needed to know, you’d be a boring person. I’d rather someone tell me something I didn’t know than just stand there in silence.

The problem with this is though, that when you do know something that the general public doesn’t, and you see something done wrong in a movie that would otherwise be great, it completely ruins it. And me, being me… I have to share this information with the other people who I’m watching said movie with.

I once had occasion in high school to heat a piece of metal rod to red hot, and beat on it with a hammer. It was Metal Working class, so it was allowed. Anyway, I’d asked the teacher, as I was smashing said rod flat, why it was that you’d see a blacksmith hit the piece of metal, and then hit the anvil. He was delighted that I asked, I guess the average person doesn’t notice that. He said he was going to wait to tell me about it until the next day, after my arm was sore from the work, but since Id actually asked… The secret is that when you hit the anvil, the hammer bounces. So you hit the piece, and then a slight tap on the anvil assists in bringing the hammer back up, thus less strain on your arm.

Now, it’s not often that you see blacksmithing, (Which evidently Google Chrome doesn’t think is a word, cause I’m getting red-squigglied) even in movies, but when they don’t do that, and just keep hitting the red hot metal, I always think “They’re going to be sorry they didn’t go to Brookline high with me.” Worse, I’ve seen movies where they hit the thing they’re working on once, and then tap it… Then hit it, then tap it. They ALMOST have it right, I say.

Another thing that people say all the time is 9 months of pregnancy. There’s 4 weeks to a month right? 40 weeks to a “normal” pregnancy… how does that work out to 9 months?

Being a computer guy, I’m pretty good at typing. I hate watching people on movies pretend they’re typing, it’s so obvious that they’re not, if the camera angle is right. They almost never use the space bar.

Something else that bugs me, lead has not been used for writing since ancient Rome. The stuff in your pencil is NOT lead, yet mechanical pencil refills SAY lead on them… They’re not.

It’s PER-RIFF-ERR-ALL. Not PER-RIFF-REE-AL!! Same with nuclear. It’s not NOO KYOO LAR.

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman was set in the year 1876. I was a fan as a kid… Anyway, several times, they played The Star Spangled Banner in the show. A song which wasn’t the national anthem until 1931. Ruined the whole series for me.

Am I the only one who has trouble looking past things like this? I really get hung up on these things, and my disbelief gets harder to suspend. What stops your enjoyment dead in it’s tracks?

A Few Food Related Gripes

Last week I ventured out into the unseasonably warm night to get some food for the family. They’re partial to Chow Mien sandwiches, which I had never heard of. It’s basically chicken chow mien in a Styrofoam container. They put the bottom of the hamburger bun in the container, dump the chow mien in, and put the top… well on top.

Truth be told, they’re not bad. You hear all the time from Chinese people how American Chinese food is nothing like REAL Chinese food, (assuming your Chinese friends are real Chinese people. Doesn’t matter if they’re a real friend or not, I’m sure they’d tell you the same thing regardless of their social connection to you) and it’s true.

Some of my favorite meals were in China Town in Boston that I ordered from menus I couldn’t read. We’d go down there maybe twice a week when I worked in Boston. One of the guys in the department was (and I imagine still is) Chinese. He’d always steer you right too. I can’t say I’d say the same if the tables were reversed. You know how much tripe and what not is on the real Chinese menus?

I did once question what was in the “Seafood” soup, to which he replied “Seafood, don’t ask, just put it in your mouth and eat it.” Can’t argue with that logic.

Contrary to the American version of Chinese food, I always felt GOOD and FULL after eating the authentic stuff, instead of feeling shitty AND stuffed, and yet… still hungry. I guess we Americans gravitate toward that sort of thing though, Darwin only knows why, and what Americanizes things better than a hamburger bun, honestly?

Anyway, I didn’t feel like it, so I went for the American version of horrible food, and stopped at Wendy’s. One meal, cost me ten bucks! It wasn’t even then triple (bypass) burger either. I could have gone next door to Ruby Tuesdays and for the same price plus a twenty minute wait, I could have a half pound of Angus beef cooked to order… Only advantage Wendy’s had was that I didn’t have to get out of my car and I got it right then and there. Of course, I’d have waited at the bar, and spent more money, but…

And boy, how much like a lazy slob does that last paragraph make me sound, huh?

I complained once before about Subway, and a snarky girl telling me “We have no small drinks, only medium or large”, but I somehow lost that post. I think if you look though, you’ll find at least two other posts complaining about how I once complained about Subway and can’t find it…

I hadn’t been back to Subway since then, until tonight. I went and among other things I ordered a Steak and Cheese for myself. The picture on the menu had to be at least a side of beef on a bun. What came, was maybe one and a half “Steak ‘Ums”.

This sub was so lacking, that I opened it up, and tore off one side. I was able to fold the remaining side around the steak, cheese, peppers and onions. No wonder Jared lost weight. I wish I’d have noticed while she was assembling the sub, cause I’d have told her to keep it. I figured since I was home I’d eat it. It tasted alright, and I needed a blog subject anyway.

This was a rare occasion where you’d actually have gotten less calories from the food that cost the least, but most of the time, it’s just so much cheaper to eat garbage, isn’t it? Eating healthy is expensive! I don’t do new years resolutions, so it’s not one, but I am going to make a conscious decision to change my eating habits.

Hell if nothing else, it’ll make for some interesting blog entries…