Stick I.T. – Blackberry Sync


6 thoughts on “Stick I.T. – Blackberry Sync

  1. good one Matt! I’ll have to pass it on to my son who works in a phone store – I’m sure he’ll be able to use that line sometime 😉

  2. Thanks Belle. 🙂 I had a user who, in an 11 month time period went through 9 blackberries… She dropped them in puddles, dropped them on the street as the cab was pulling away, left them in hotels, left them in restaurants, had them stolen… was a nightmare for the support guys! Halli – I’m trying to keep a balance of tech / non tech… Lemme know if too many go by that are too techy! :DEric – My Brother in I.T. I know you’ve felt this pain before! :DSue – Thanks! I’m sure anyone working in the phone store can get at least a chuckle here! Margo – Thanks very much! I’ve always enjoyed a good pun, much to the chagrin of my companions. 🙂

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