Hold Music: A Form of Torture

I’m in technical support, and I spend a lot of time on the phone either with clients, or vendors, or a client’s vendors, or any combination thereof.

Tonight, I’ve called a couple of folks who put me on hold for an extended amount of time, and have the absolute worst (in my opinion) music available. Is this a good idea?? I mean, have they thought things through? You can’t NOT listen, cause you need to know when the tech comes back, but you really don’t want to listen to it either.

I’ve been working on one of those things that goes one step forward, and then stops, and you have to do a dozen other things before you can take the next step, etc… By 9 pm, I’ve dealt with 7 things that SHOULD work, but mysteriously don’t today… They worked yesterday, but they suddenly stopped and no one knows why. So I call tech support… and I’m put on hold, and get to listen to freakin TubThumping. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, but I highly recommend you don’t click it.

“You should be all set sir,” they say. “Just give it twenty to thirty minutes and you can start your business.” Forty minutes later, I call back, cause the thing they said would work does not. Again, I call support. Again I’m put on hold. Mambo Number Five. Really?

“Gee, that’s strange,” he said. “That should have worked. Let me try that again.” Another forty minutes go by, and still nothing. Yet again, I call support. “Just a moment, let me research the issue.” I couldn’t identify the garbage they put on for that hold, but it was horrible… “Yeah, we don’t know what’s going on. We can put a ticket in to our administrators, but they won’t get to it right away, cause they’re in Germany. Should be done by morning though.”

So. Frustration, meets a lot of shoulder shrugging and irritating music, only to be forced into calling it a night.

Hope your day goes better than mine. 🙂 


7 thoughts on “Hold Music: A Form of Torture

  1. I am quite certain no one has worse hold music than ours. It’s this synthesized, awful collection of sounds that are so irritating I would rather have to call back twelve times than listen to it.

  2. When I call IT at our company, the hold music is sexy R&B. When they finally pick up, they’re friendly and fix my problem right away, but I always feel dirty after.I especially hate the companies who have hold music, then break in and it’s quiet for a second, then thank you for holding. It ALWAYS fakes me out, and I always think someone has actually picked up the phone.

  3. I’m put on hold, and get to listen to freakin TubThumping. Wait. Is there a MORE appropriate song for workin’ in IT? I think not.The best on-hold music? Classical. And yes, some companies do that.

  4. LOL, TubThumping (as Buck says) is perfectly appropriate for IT. Don’t we continually keep getting knocked down?It does amaze me how often people are okay with lackluster support though. I don’t have the patience for it. About the time I have to call back a second time, I’m usually asking for a manager or supervisor to get involved. They can’t solve the problem always, but they seem to light a fire under people’s butts quick enough.

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