100th follower and a little embarrasment

So I hit a milestone yesterday, I now have 100 people subscribing to my random drivel. I’ve been trying to think of something I could do for the occasion, and thought about a gift card contest to someplace like amazon.com, but I’m broke, so that’s out.

As it turned out, I was done a favor by my 100th, Belle. She was kind enough to point out that I had a mistake in my Blogger profile, that I HAVE to believe at least a few of the other 99 of you have seen before.

Ironically, right next to the mistake is the picture of me doing the face-palm. Apropos, if you ask me.

So thanks to the 99 of you who’ve stuck around regardless of my mistakes, and thanks to the 100th for helping me out! 
I figure as long as I can stick to only disappointing myself, I’ll be OK! 😀

14 thoughts on “100th follower and a little embarrasment

  1. So you made the female to male transition!Congrats on your followers, and I gotta admit that made me go check my profile, even though I was pretty sure I don’t have any personal stats up.

  2. Huh…I thought it was part of your charm. And far be it for me to judge 😉 Congrats on marking 100 amazing followers. I think we all deserve a cash reward…Or you could just keep amusing us. THAT is simply priceless 🙂

  3. I see you are now at 101 so congrats on that!!!As someone whose name frequently gets confused with that of the opposite sex (I am a female, but have gotten several emails and letters addressed to MR) I thought you were just going through some sort of identity crisis 🙂

  4. Dude…or should I say Dudette?LOL, Seriously though, I guess I just never paid any attention (a normal occurrence for me) to the gender. It’s pretty funny though.Congrats on reaching 100 followers. You’re well on your way, my man.

  5. that’s pretty neat Matt, I’d never noticed, I’m usually just scanning down for the interesting stuff like books and where to find your blog! Gender, meh, who cares! But I’m wondering if I change my gender to male might I get to the magical 100? Sue

  6. Wait a minute! You’re a guy? A guy named Matt? And to think, all this time… Meh, I’ll keep following you, it’s not like I’m in it to pick up any action. :)Congrats on your milestone Matt! Matt the guy – hey someone give this guy a man-card for goodness sake!

  7. Congrats on 100 (101 now!) followers. As for the gender thing… we just thought you were confused and hadn’t gotten around to blogging about it yet… (that, or we hadn’t looked at your profile… do people look at those? If so, I might need to update mine…)

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