The Gentleman Blogger

So while browsing around the Blogsosphere, I started to notice that the majority of the blogs (at least of of which I frequent) are written by women. I thought this an interesting thing, but that’s about it… I sorta forgot that fact for a while.

…that is, until I started seeing “Powerful woman blogger” awards and other such things. I thought that it was a nice thing, but noticed a complete lack of similar things for us men. So I fixed it.

The Blogosphere is definitely female dominated! If you’re a guy and you blog, then you qualify!

If you blog, and you’re a guy, grab the badge code over on the right of this blog, and past it into an HTML widget on yours!


12 thoughts on “The Gentleman Blogger

  1. What’s the issue? And yeah, have at it. I created it with gimp, if you want the actual gimp file, let me know, I’ll send it along. I’m not very good with it, so it’s rather rudimentary. I’d be glad to have you change it if you like.

  2. AH! I see… I think we’d need a whole different badge for that… The picture with the gorilla in a suit doesn’t really work with “Manblogger”… Something manly or brutish…

  3. Heck, you did the hard part… I just butchered it enough to make it effective.Now all that’s needed in a category called MANBLOGS. I’d thought about using the General Blogger badge, but realized I’m not really a general blogger. I’m usually trying to target something… and usually to amuse myself.

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