X – A to Z Blog Challenge #atozchallenge

Those of you who have been reading this blog throughout this challenge (or perhaps if you just read my post from last night?) you may know that I’ve been boggled by this X post since about H. I resorted to googling “words that start with X” and it may shock you to find out, the words I found were either boring, or just plain sucked. It is with much regret that I must inform you all that I have been beaten. I can’t make a post about X.

I feel like X is that kid who never gets to be the line leader in grade school. I think X’s problem is he’s stretched too thin to be an effective letter. 
I’m willing to bet that X’s career went something like this:
X started out as a young letter looking for a job. He applied to the alphabet, but the only areas that X had any expertise in were already being handled by Z, or as a joint effort by ICKS. Luckily for X, the alphabet commission realized it was paying too much overtime to Z, I, C, K, and S, and being so young and inexperienced, X would work for minimum wage. 
X had a good time hanging out with W and Y, but he was struggling to make ends meet, so he took a few part time jobs. He did some modeling for map makers who wanted to designate the spots on the map where one would find treasure, and even competed against the dot, and the check mark on survey documents. His likeness is often used to symbolize “no” and even one-uping ICKS by replacing “Christ” in Christmas. It found the largest degree of success with it’s repeating role in Tic-Tac-Toe, although it never made it into the name of that game.

But desipte all his sucess outside of the alphabet, X managed to find the time to do some charity work  as a signature for poor souls who could not read or write.

X never forgot the alphabet for being there for him as he got his start. He didn’t quit the alphabet, but his heart was never in it. Z and ICKS continued to step in and handle the slack left by the disinterested X.

So now, due to X’s lack of interest in being a full time letter, I could not find a suitable word about which to blog. My apologies.


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