Ostrich – A to Z Blog Challenge

The Ostrich: I remember riding in my father’s Fiat wagon around the age of three. My father was driving, my mother was in shotgun, and at least a couple brothers of mine and I were in the back. We were driving on Memorial Drive along the Charles River one weekend morning, most likely on our way to a family reunion in Medford. 
The interesting part about that area is that it’s in the middle of an urban setting, but it’s a serene drive. Water to one side (don’t drink it) trees to the other side. The one thing it’s lacking is tranquility. There’s the constant buzzing of cars, and masses of people. It’s like wilderness, only louder. The Charles river is always surrounded by people. It’s a favorite spot for runners, sailors, fishermen, etc. Bustling with city folk looking for that little bit of nature. 
All of a sudden, there amongst all the damn humans in the wanna-be nature scene was an Ostrich! “Hey! An ostrich!” I exclaimed with the excitement that only a three year old could muster. I was wrong, of course. There are no ostriches along the Charles, it was a runner who was stretching. She was bent down, with one leg up in the air that I thought was a neck and head. 
I don’t remember much else about the ride, but I’m told that I had a good laugh at myself for it. I’ve been amusing myself ever since. 

12 thoughts on “Ostrich – A to Z Blog Challenge

  1. @Quirky – I’m… not sure what to say? Sorry? hehe@Allison – Glad you got a chuckle out of it. Ostriches are definitely weird to say the least! @Karen – That’s kinda why this story hasn’t been allowed to slip out of my memory. My brothers stess that point when they tell it, how unusual it is for a 3 year old to laugh in spite of him or herself.

  2. If there weren’t a picture of that stretch, I would’ve never believed that possible. Especially from a runner. My hamstrings are like steel cables, incapable of stretching almost at all.And it is a funny story! Nice that you had the ability to laugh at yourself at such a young age. 🙂

  3. I suppose that’s a good point Cram… Perhaps it wasn’t a runner? I’d always just thought it was, cause that’s mostly what you find around there. Perhaps it was just someone doing yoga or some such. I remember it being cold though, and in my mind she had runner’s spandex, but hell, it was 28 years ago, and I was 3, so… Only thing I know for sure, it wasn’t an ostrich! 😀

  4. It totally could’ve been a runner. I get that some people are flexible, it’s just hard for me to relate to. Let’s just go with freakishly flexible runner, as we have already concluded, not an ostrich.

  5. My man and I were out on our evening walk and saw a woman in a similar pose, though she wore shorts and a T-shirt. She was long and lean and looked for all the world like a crane, stretching and extending those legs. “Hey, I know her from work!” exclaimed my guy. “I really wish she’d stop doing that.”

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