Hangovers – A to Z Blog Challenge

So I was just making my posts for my beer blog, while sampling some product, and then came over here to talk about the letter H and realized I had nothing to talk about. I thought about talking about “High Tea” which is a British thing, and since a good lot of the folks doing this challenge seem to be from the UK I thought it’d be nice… But instead, I decided I’d talk about something I may have tomorrow, after planning ahead for my beer blog… A hangover.

I’m drinking today. That much is clear, and I’m thanking God or maybe just Google for the spell check right now…

I’ve noticed in the past that those who refuse to drink also refuse to give those of us who do drink any slack when it comes to hangovers. “Your own fault” they say, but… in the event that these non-drinkers actually do have a drink or two, the world has to stop the next day if they themselves are over-hung, am I right??

My first hangover:
I remember back after college… and I left college after my first year, so if you do the math, I was just about 18. I had always been a good kid, I never drank before, but a friend /roommate of mine who was a bit older had a case of beer, and he offered me a few. I’d just broken up with my first-ever girlfriend, thus I thought I had nothing left to live for, so I partook. I had 4 beers in 20 minutes. Shortly after finishing them my friend / roommate informed me “We gotta hit the sack, we got work tomorrow”. I’d just started to feel the numbness in my ears and nose for the first time… and I went to sleep… He made me sleep on his floor so he could keep an eye on me, and wake me up in the morning…Thank god… I woke a couple of hours later, with the spins. I swear, the room was moving all around me. I stumbled down the stairs to the bathroom, and barfed things I didn’t remember eating…

The job was installing ductwork for an HVAC company, which I’d never done before. My job as the “helper” was to wrap the ducts in fiberglass insulation, and do whatever the guy I was helping didn’t want to do… and I was SO hungover…

I remember the job, Wellesley mass, which was a very well to do area and still is… Houses that go for over two million dollars, etc… and there I was, wrapping 7″ ducts in fluffy yellow fiberglass. I remember the guy I was helping:  “Mike”. He had a digestion problem due to eating Chinese food the night before… and I had the misfortune of needing to use the bathroom right after him…

Yeah, that’s the stuff that makes memories.

Do you have any memories of your first hangover? Still waiting for your first? Do you have a story about your friend’s first hangover that you’d like to rub their faces in?? This is the place to do it!!


13 thoughts on “Hangovers – A to Z Blog Challenge

  1. Oh man, we never learn do we. I’ve been relativley lucky re the hangover game but I think I started off spending January 1 on Bondi beach in Sydney with a mango smoothie in one hand and the other on the sand to stop it moving and finished throwing up in the snow outside my place of work in Canada and then going on to have the WORST day of work in the Library EVER with my friend who had been at the same party. I think Im to old for that game! LOLS. Till next time at least 😉

  2. Love this post! Yes, I have had my share…occasionally even at my old age, I have been known to over-indulge..so I suffer. But, generally it’s worth it. 🙂

  3. I don’t remember my FIRST hangover, but I do remember that every time I wake up hungover, it takes me at LEAST 4 hours to feel human. During that time I keep moaning (silently, since I’m usually at work) and saying I’ll NEVER drink again.But I usually do. Just not that night…- allison writes

  4. May I make a small suggestion?If you write one post each day for your Brew Blog the risk of a hangover diminishes. that said, I don’t remember my first hangover. But that’s only because I have suffered worse. There are at least two that stand out. All I will say about them are it’s been over 40 years and they’re related to when I was in the Navy.

  5. Heh. The first hangover is something I’ll never forget. The Readers Digest version…I was a senior in high school. My best friend and I were shooting pool in the bowling alley at a large SoCal mall on a Friday night, when a “friend” of his walked in and sold us a fifth of Jack Daniels Black he’d boosted from the local liquor store: five bucks. My buddy and I went to an adjacent field, parked our young asses down on an abandoned refrigerator and drained that fifth in half an hour, with the help of two other buddies. We then went back into the pool hall and took up where we left off. I puked all over a pool table 45 minutes later and we were chased out of the pool hall by an irate manager with threats of severe physical violence on out persons… not to mention the fact he called the cops. We got away.Two hours later I staggered into my house scared to DEATH my parents would find me out. They didn’t, but I filled up three shoes and a boot that night and the room didn’t quit spinning until there was light in the sky. So… fast forward to 0600, Saturday morning. My mom wakes me up, I smuggle the shoes and boot into the bathroom, empty them and clean up. Mom fixed breakfast and then it was off to a speech tournament as I was on the high-school debating team. We took second place in the tournament in debate and I won a medal in extemporaneous speaking, IIRC. With the first and worst hangover I ever had.

  6. I remember more from the things that got me hung over than the hangovers, since usually I tend to just plead sick and stay in bed with the hangovers.There was one time in college when I attempted to have a chugging beer contest with my boyfriend at the time— who was about twice my size. I decided to walk back to my apartment and went the wrong way, UP a huge hill instead of down, and then curled up to sleep in some bushes in a quiet residential neighborhood. Walked back home at dawn to a very concerned boyfriend and roommates who had begun to think I had gotten arrested for drunk in public.

  7. College — fall of Freshman. One of my roommates told me to go jogging, that the fresh air and exercise would make me sweat the residual alcohol out. Umm . . . yeah, didn’t work.

  8. Yep~!! Certainly have had my share, but haven’t drank to a hangover stage for many moons~!! If I were to take a swig, I would no doubt fall into a hangover..Hate the darned things~!!Interesting thoughts on “H”…(still catchin’ up)On to “I”http://timeforabucketlist.blogspot.com/http://imagesinthought.blogspot.com/http://the-old-story-tree.blogspot.com/http://bagladythoughts.blogspot.com/

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