St. Patrick’s day!

So I was a very non-attentive Boston Irish boy last night.

I am a HUGE fan of corned beef. …let me rephrase that… I am a slightly-bigger-than-average devout fan of corned beef. I absolutely love a boiled dinner, and we DID buy one to make later this week… but about a week ago, I started getting the itch for gratuitous amounts of steak. We made plans to go to the Longhorn Steakhouse on my wife’s “next day off” (she works nights) which happened to be last night.

We got cheese stuffed mushrooms, the wife got a burger that she said was tremendous, and I got a 22oz porterhouse with a side of asparagus. Both were amazing and the asparagus made my urine smell weird. Yes, as a little boy trapped in an older guy’s body, funny smelling urine is a bonus. One of those “Yeesh, hahaha” experiences. Perhaps one of those exclusively male stupidity genes I had talked about before. 

But all seriousness aside… Can you fault me for this?: