Kindergarten, Now and Then

In the scenic autumn of 1984, I started Kindergarten. I don’t particularly remember the very first day, but I remember a good number of the days I spent there. My scholastic career following kindergarten was one filled with frustration, boredom, and apathy. Brookline didn’t start keeping score until 6th grade, which is to say, I had never gotten a report card until then, much less a letter grade. Ironically, that’s about when I stopped caring about school. 

But kindergarten was a different story. We played and glued things to paper like string and other colored paper. We stacked blocks. We listed to “We Are the World” over and over and over… We had “Quiet Listening Time” where we lay on the floor on these spongy mats and listen to classical music. 
I remember graduating to first grade, and panicking because they expected me to read a whole picture book!
Fast forward to 2010. Now my daughter is in kindergarten, and I can’t believe the differences. Times have certainly changed. Kids going in to kindergarten now are expected to be able to recognize and write their names, know the entire alphabet complete with the sounds the words make, and be able to count from 1 to 100. Coming OUT of Kindergarten, it’s not unusual for them to be writing in whole paragraphs! 
What was Kindergarten like for you? Are they pushing our kids too hard now, or did we get off light?