Adventures in brewing – Part 1

I’ve decided to take up a new hobby… Tomorrow I well try my hand at brewing my own beer, and truth be told, I’m very excited. I’m like, school-girl giddy the night before Christmas. (Speaking of which, that “night before Christmas and all through the house” stuff… There couldn’t have been kids living in that place, cause as I recall, there was plenty of stirring the night before. I don’t think I actually got any sleep the night before Christmas until I was about seventeen! I call BS on that whole story. …yes, I find that part the most unbelievable thing about the whole story, the reindeer and the fat guy picking his nose to fly up the chimney, I have no problem with)


I’ve never done this before, although I’ve watched my brother do it about ten years ago. ugh. actually it must have been closer to 15 years ago, cause I was not even close to old enough to sample. God, I’m getting old…

I’ve been watching lots of youtube videos on it though, and I’m fairly confident that we should be able to get it done easily enough.

I’ll be documenting the whole process to share when I’m done. Hopefully we don’t smurf this up too badly! 🙂


6 thoughts on “Adventures in brewing – Part 1

  1. I tried home brewing about 30 years ago. The results weren’t TOO bad, but cleaning up the mess in the fridge after a couple o’ bottles blew up soured me on the whole experience. The Second Mrs. Pennington was none too pleased about that (and the fact I took over her kitchen for an extended time) and she pointedly asked me “Isn’t just BUYING your beer easier? And less messy?” Point taken.

  2. Hah! I was just contemplating doing the next go-round of “Ask Poochie”, and someone had asked me whether or not to take up home brewing. I guess this answers the question – or will. I’ll still give out the advice anyway, because that’s the way I am – superfluous – but even more so I’ll be looking forward to hearing this tale.

  3. ack in my single days, I used to to “brew” my own wine – first time around didn’t go so well (the linen closet remained closed for a few days until I plucked up the courage to clean it up..), but I gradually got the hang of it. Boy, that stuff could blow your head off!Good luck!

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