Ladybugs – They’re BACK!

What with the warming of this particular area of the earth, the bugs are waking up, or hatching, or whatever the hell they do when their activity begins in the spring… Looks like the little buggers have returned, and they’re looking to check their emails!

I’m just glad I saw it before squishing it. Not out of any sort of respect for all living things or what have you, but more because I hate when my keys stick!

I wish I could blame the missing “E” from that key on him / her but alas, that’s my fault. Same with the “S and “D” and most of that “F” and part of the “A”.

Makes me wonder though, what’s it doing down there? Does it eat the little bits and pieces of junk that have fallen in between? If so, all the better!

But then, where do they do their business? Same place? Even if it’s less destructive than the junk that ends up in there, a keyboard full of Ladybug poop just doesn’t appeal to me… not that I know what it looks like, or what kind of damage it could do to a keyboard. Hell, I could be covered in Ladybug poop and not even know it, now that I think about it. Yeuch… I think I’ll stop thinking about it…

I guess things could be worse… Pretty soon, I’m sure I’ll start seeing Stinkbugs again. Now, these things weird me right the heck out. They’re slow, clumsy and prehistoric looking little things, and they stink when (or if) you squish them. It’s a strange sort of almost spoiled milk mixed with grass clippings kind of stink..

I don’t mind admitting that I get a little creeped out when these things fly around near my face in their little seemly random flight path. I always get the feeling that they’re going to divebomb right into my eye, or up my nose or something. Yet another creature who’s poop I’d rather not have around, but couldn’t identify even if I stumbled upon it. Or into it, if you will… Even if you wont… And I hope you don’t. Cause I wouldn’t.

They fly very erratically, not unlike a little brown six-legged Woodstock. Remember the little yellow bird in the Charlie Brown comics? Now, I know what bird poop looks like… That I can identify, and I’m sure that wouldn’t be nice in my keyboard.

Or instead of Woodstock, maybe like “The Greatest American Hero”.

If you don’t recall him, it was a TV show back in the 80s, and he was an unlikely super hero who was given this super-suit by aliens, but lost the owner’s manual, and had a real hard time getting it to do whatever he wanted it to.

Not even going there with the poop comments…


6 thoughts on “Ladybugs – They’re BACK!

  1. Matt, I’m much afraid the ladybug thing is like that dust mite deal. The little goober in your top photo has/will probably spend the entire life cycle in your keyboard. You’re likely breathing the remains of her ancestors AND her poop.

  2. I don’t think I had ever considered the existence of bug poop until now. Thanks a lot, pal. Now I’ll be looking at the bottoms of my shoes for teeny, tiny little things to scrape off. Like I wasn’t paranoid enough already…

  3. No limes! Ugh, I’m allergic to Dustmites! And thinking back… I seem to recall that the allergy is specifically to Dustmite poop!! No joke! I’m told it’s their “leave-behinds” that make people sneeze! Coincidence??? I think not… And Suldog, Better go check that dishwasher and make sure the ant is cleaning up after himself!

  4. I may or may not be allergic to the dustmites. I’m mostly allergic to everything including the cats and birds I keep. I’ve had to research and write a lot about the dustmite thing, however. I manage a carpet and upholstery business and keep our websites up-to-date. Those little critters are pretty disgusting. And I imagine they have buggy friends in nature who are just as objectionable.Ha! WV = meals. I wouldn’t want to eat any of those critters in my meals

  5. It’s not fun. Everytime someone sweeps, or digs around in an old closet, my eyes and nose get itchy and I sneeze like there’s no tomorrow. Fortunately, I’m not allergic to pollen or ragweed, so I can get away from it by going outside. UNfortunately, I’d rather be indoors.

  6. Great post. I don’t know that I really wanted to consider all those forms of poop, but too late now.Oh, and for the record, yes I do remember the Greatest American Hero. I used to be able to play that song on the piano, in fact. Cheesy show, but fun nonetheless.

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