Visa Gift Card

I learned something today, and I learned it the hard way…

Don’t EVER use a Visa (or any other) gift card at the gas station pump.

I ran out to the Hess Express up the street, and popped the card into the pump, fulling expecting it would ask me to go in and see the cashier. It did not disappoint.

What I didn’t know is that the pump automatically tries to charge $75 to the card. I happened to have $73, so it didn’t go through. This caused a problem because the bank still had Hess’s request for money in their system, but since there wasn’t enough Hess assumed the transaction was over, and there was no reason to request the money fromt he bank.

The bank now has the entire balance of my gift card in a “pending” status. What’s worse, they won’t cancel it, because for all they know, Hess just hasn’t come to claim their money, and I’ve got a tank full of gas…

What’s worse, they consider this problem my fault for not abiding by the user rules. Call me crazy, but I’d think if you’re going to pedal a product that has rules like this, you should also send along a copy of said rules. Nowhere on any documentation I recieved, does it say this. It DOES say it on the website however… Fat lotta good that does me.

The only thing I can do is wait for the pending transaction to expire. Could be 2 days, could be 5 days, could be 12 days…


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